1. i’m just glad burn notice didn’t end up really s**t lol

    hoooray to BN yes i am obsessed with it if ur wondering lol

    i mean its not a bad show after all lol

  2. Channel 10 deserved to have a shocking night on Friday. I for one, hate latre changes to programming and end up resorting to downloading shows. The whole ratings system in this country needs revamping. There is no reporting for shows that are recorded and watched later. I along with a lot of my friends are out on Friday nights but have been recording So You Think You Can Dance to watch at a later date (usually Sunday when you need something that doesn’t require to much thought to watch and that isn’t sport). Imagine our annoyance when we go to watch the programme and you have some movie repeat on.
    Commercial television in Australia treats it’s viewers like rubbish.
    I think that it’s the programme directors that need to be canned not the shows.
    So what if a show is not being watched live, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to see it.

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