1. Idol is dying on the vine. Just over 1m is appalling, given the money invested in it and the amount of time Ten devotes to it. I am convinced that it is completely unnecessary to show the audition rounds. I have never enjoyed watching them, their entertainment value is non-existent and I’m sure I’m not Robinson Crusoe in my dislike of them. Do the auditions and culling offscreen, then commence the show at the Top 12. I am willling to bet it would rate much better if the preliminary stuff wasn’t shown and they just launched straight into the competition.

    The continuing, controversial presence of blind dancer Gerrard Gosens is not hurting DWTS’s ratings. Seven would be thrilled with it coming second last night.

  2. Biggest problem with Idol was it was too long. Nearly two and a half hours is a big commitment. At our house we had Idol on but we were not actually watching and paying attention to it.

    And I think this new success of ABC can be attributed to more and more people getting sick of ad breaks frequently in the realm of 4 minutes and shows never starting or finishing on time.

  3. Boris Thunders

    Not really a lesson to commercial networks. Midsomer skews v old, would struggle to monitise on commercial tv. When looking at Hot Seat you can see their wins are coming from Deal dropping more than Hot Seat rising, also worth noting Hot Seat gets the 55+ which will take a while to find GO! What was Go! share on its target 16-39yo?

  4. GO’s share is around 6.4% in homes that have digital TV assuming digital take up is say 40% (as it was last time I saw numbers on it). GO, under this analysis of homes that have access to all free to air digital channels, will outrate SBS on some nights. ONE by the same calculations is 4.3%.

  5. was it just me last night or was idol all over the place?? i didnt know what point we were up to! way too confusing.
    not good numbers for idol! or rove! but he deserved it cause the only guest worth watching was all american rejects at the end of the show! rove has been going for 10 yrs now and you would think he would have good guests by now!!

  6. Go GO!!! I love this channel – great themed nights, shows that start on time, quirky little fillers because there are not as many ads, schedules that don’t change. Last week, I only watched three shows that were not on GO – Good News Week, Generation and Librarians. Go GO!!!

    Lets just hope Nine don’t panic and move the GO shows back to the main channel where they will be treated like rubbish.

  7. lots going on last night.
    not sure if 9 would be happy or sad, on one hand Go! looks like it is a sucess, buit on the other hand their whole other lineup is tanking. 60 and DB have done well the last 2 weeks i guess that is all in question now as we see the real figures. i used to tape R:SO and watch bones, but the first few eps didn’t do anything for me so i gave up and it looks like lots of Australia did as well. that show doesn’t look like it has a future at all. the fact that it rated similar to a bones (R) at 9:30 is saying something. i guess the big reveal will be tomorrow when we find out bewitched figures looking at some of the sunday Go! shows i rekon it’s getting 100k+.

    for 7. Dancing is still doing really not many shows can say that they got those numbers and 2nd on a sunday night in their 9th season.

    idol is not doing as well as one would hope. but ten’s real fault is:
    Rules Of Engagement Sun Ep 2 Rpt Ten 280,000 and yes it was in primetime in all states.

  8. What a shocking night for Ten, slipping to fourth for the night. It is quite funny that one Channel Seven can outrate Ten/One and Nine/GO.

    Dancing with the Stars: 3
    Australian Idol: 0

  9. well i did try and watch rescue special ops but it was very hard to take. story line was the exact copy of police rescue with gary sweet which just happened to be on early morning t.v. recently so the plot was still fresh in my mind, they basically did not change any thing, congrats to the writers of newer rescue they dont have do much to earn their wages, anyway les hill & other 1 facial actor it looks like its back to home & away for some more acting/ facial expression experience

  10. @Janey – Exactly what I (as an advertiser) have been saying for the past two weeks, regarding the “farcical” Nine figures we’ve been seeing. At least GO starts on time, has no annoying “retail” commercials. Don’t know about elsewhere but in our house I note teen daughters only watch GO.
    @Rutzis – “I think these numbers also prove how much GO! was inflating Nine’s total numbers for shows last week”. Damn right you are. “Farcical”!!

  11. Massive night for the 55+ audience which reduced Ten’s overall share with their younger audience. Ten easily won 6pm-10.30pm in 18-49, 16-39, 25-54 & 16-54 as did Idol and Rove.
    Now that Go’s programs are separate it’s interesting to note that Ten actually beat Nine in total people from 6.30pm-10.00pm. I wonder how Nine’s advertisers are feeling today after thinking that their commercials were reaching a larger audience than they actually have been over the last 2 weeks.

  12. Good to see GO! doing so well. 200k for The Big Bang Theory is more than 95% of the shows on ONE. Gyngell’s claims that it would double One’s share by the end of the year are pretty much set in stone now.

    And on the other side of the coin, its hilarious to see Nine’s other shows fail so badly. Rescue getting 800k is even worse than The Strip last year, and CSI:Miami getting 594,000 viewers in a 9.30pm slot is quite a fall from grace. Even cable imports on Ten like Burn Notice and Dexter are rating higher.

    Rove has lost a few 100k without its MasterChef lead-in and with the month-long hiatus.

  13. GO! is doing much better than I thought it was. I’m going to be very interested in Hot Seat’s numbers tomorrow. I think these numbers also prove how much GO! was inflating Nine’s total numbers for shows last week. Hopefully this gives Seven a kick along to get their second channel up and running.

  14. dancing with the stars is going great guns!

    Rescue SO is failing, will be interesting to see if 9 stick with it, or bump it somewhere.

    Looking forward to seeing the GO figures for today esp, 5.30!

  15. hmmm Midsomer Murders seems to have damaged Rescue Special Ops a lot. I would’ve thought the Go! ratings would be higher, but maybe not seeing they’re all just repeats.

  16. ABC and Midsommer Murders, along with the cricket on SBS took a huge chunk out of the commercial networks. Seven held up well, but Ten absolutely collapsed, as did Nine’s expensive drama Rescue.

    Good results for Go!, and based on those figures has inflated Nine’s numbers by quite a bit over the last two weeks. I have a feeling Bewitched added some 100k to Hot Seat’s figures last week, will be interesting to see what happens tonight

  17. GO! is doing really well!. but 9 is really exposed now. all their shows are doing pretty bad. look at Rescue special ops!! forget renual for 2nd season, the question is now if it will make the end of the season on air.

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