1. Hi David

    Can you advise what (if measureable) Ideal on ABC2’s ratingsare?

    @ mak – are actors only ever allowed to do one show or something?

    Re Catherine McClements, I agree that she is excellent but my partner goes mad when she comes on – he and callas would probably get along well! Go figure.

  2. TV Burp and Double Take on Seven last night was some of the worst shows I have seen. Burp should be a fantastic program with lots of material available but I guess the writers aren’t very clever.
    Rush has accummulated all the has beens from every show thats ever aired and it shows. What a load of rubbish.

    @JG. Every network does it so why be so critical. Take a look at Hot Seat some time and see Eddie weaving as much promotional material into questions and general discussion.

  3. I must agree with those saying that the episode of Rush last night wasn’t its best. Awesome ratings for it though, but the ep was quite boring. I found myself uninterested in what was going on for the first time since it started. With the exception of Kerry’s storyline, it’s great.

  4. catherine mclements is what puts me off Rush… i find her character to be far too agressive and not too easy too warm to…. every scene she is in just shows her strutting her stuff in a very manly manner so i have never managed to watch an entire episode based on this.. a shame really because i think the others are great.

  5. Oh my god do the networks have no shame!!!!. Apparently there was a tacky cross promotion to Sunrise in a recent episode of City Homocide. It was playing in a background scene!!! Onya Network Seven!

    What’s next…..Gerrard Gossens slips and falls down the stairs on Dancing with the Stars and Frank and Von from All Saints come flying out of the audience to his rescue!

    Or whatabout Fifi Box doing a weather forecast from Summer Bay as the locals baton down for a cyclone!!!

    The mind boggles!!!

  6. Ooops! read your post Mike and must agree. I meant to single out Catherine McClements and also Sam Johnson. I thought Rush was codswallop, but those two made out OK IMO.

  7. And 9 is only hanging in there mostly thanks to Melbourne viewers. in Melbourne, 9 has 5 shows in the top 10, with Footy Show first. In Sydney, they only have 2 in the top 10. Rush is 1st.

  8. You stole my thunder Ravi. I was going to ask Vid the same question. Nine won’t be a threat to anyone if they keep the same tired old format and cheesy shows. In all fairness tho, there are some programs on Nine I enjoy watching. I simply want the top network to be the one with top shows.

  9. It’s not the first time @vid has made comments like that relating to channel 9. He made one back in Feb saying 9 would have a comeback mid year. Now it is late August.

    @vid – again I’ll ask – what is the source of your information? What will ch 9 make a come back with exactly? Please share with us – we are all dying to know. Thank you in advance.

  10. @Vid Gee Vid you’ve really gone out on a limb there with the “u will see” comment. Nine’s fumbling the ball and no bigger fumble occurred when they decided to prematurely claim victory over ‘Deal’

    No offence, but we need a more concrete prediction as to why Nine will be the champ instead of the chump, put it on the line…

  11. It’s great to see 7 finally get a kick in the pants for programming that god awful TV Burp. Coming third must be a real wake-up call.

    As for Rush, it is borderline good, medicore and terrible. Never have I came across a show that can fluctuate between all three tiers multiple times during one episode. The parts with Catherine McClements were very well done, owing to the writers and the saving grace of Rush, McClements herself.

    I am pleased it is doing so well in the ratings, it’s always good to see Australian content flourish that doesn’t involve a fluff family and their sexual exploits.

  12. I dont know enough about ratings for Aussie shows, and what will get something axed, but would I be to right to guess that TV Burp isnt getting a second series?

  13. @ trev… sorry to burst your bubble but it wont be the first nine will top the niight….
    in time u will see…
    ch7’s time at the top wont be so rosie next year..

  14. Excellent Thursday night for 9 & 10 with Rush, Idol, 20 to 1, Footy Show and Getaway doing well. I believe does well on Thursdays is because they stick to their schedule. Getaway and The Footy show have stayed in the timeslot for so long and 20 to 1 has been here since the start of year even though Trouble in Paradise had a few airings. Nine also does well thanks to the over 50s who don’t want to watch 7’s younger skewing lineup. If only the new hour was stronger, Nine could have an even stronger lineup.

    Ten did well thanks to Idol and Rush which had an excellent episode again last night. Burn Notice did well afterwards. If only the 6-7:30pm lineup was stronger, Ten could have a better chance. Hopefully Glee can pull good numbers in a few weeks time.

    Nine has a better chance at winning the week as long as Harry Potter completely demolish the competition and bringing Nine at least 10% ahead of Seven. Nine also has to do well tonight. Nine still needs a stronger Tuesday (they should have left Commercial Breakdown on) and Sunday, Monday and Wednesday needs a lift overall. Seven will most likely win but the gap will be closer.

  15. Great ratings for Rush but the episode was absolutely crap last night. The ads looked so good, and promised so much, and there was not one bit of suspense at all. And the terrorist kid was a terrible actor. Disappointed with it, after the ads had me so excited for this episode.

  16. Nice to see Seven coming third 🙂

    Good numbers for Oz Idol and as for Rush I don’t get it. I gave it a go and it’s yawnsville.

    And TV Burp looks gonski 🙁 One of the few shows on Seven that isn’t complete rubbish and the potato heads don’t watch it!

  17. great night for ten! all shows performed well except 7pm project. idol up quite a bit and rush’s highest figure ever! burn notice also jumped 100,000 on last week!! good to see 7 third!! would expect idol to do even better on sunday aswell as rove with a few good guests

  18. I can’t believe anyone is watching Rush. I can’t even stand the promo! How realistic is it that people would be standing close-by to heckle a guy about to defuse a potential bomb? A show with the dramatic tension of a primary school play.

  19. Ten had a really good thursday, coming second. Rush did really well almost eqauling City Homicde, without the massive over 50’s share booting its figure on a lower rating night. well done ten for showing faith in this show. Idol did very well for a thursday as well, its best semi final figure for the week on such a low rating night. Just shows ten need something to get 1mil at 7.30 consistantly to improve there share, they were up 400k in the 7.30 slot and up 200k at 8.30 compared to last week. I expect Hamish and Andy special to do a simular figure to Idol in 2 weeks time. 7 had a horrible night from 7.30 onwards, and nines awful line up wins them another thursday. How a 20year old travel show, a clip show hosted by someone who should of retired years ago and a pannel show about footy wins them every thursday id love to know.

  20. Don’t get ypur hopes up Vid, it’s a one off thing. Look how they did it…..20:i, 2.5 Men, Getaway, The Footy Show and an ailing news service. Also this has to be said. I watched my first full episode of Rush and am now convinced those two male leads and their female sidekick make the cast of Neighbours appear almost talented.

  21. 7 coming 3rd for a night – it’s been a while. Won’t be much better next week either with the new line up. Looks like TV Burp and Double Take well and truly over, as they will sink even lower after 9.30pm. Have watched all eps of TV Burp and agree the ratings match the quality here as it simply gets worse each week.

  22. Very disappointing numbers for TV Burp. I really enjoyed last nights episode. The Surf Patrol duck skit was hilarious. It will be interesting to see what number it pulls in the 9.30pm slot next week. Looks like all those people talking up Hot Seat last week have egg on their face. Also good numbers for Burn Notice.

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