Week 35


1 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Nine 1,230,000 2 Seven News Seven 1,217,000 3 Australia's Funniest Home Videos Nine 1,021,000 4 ABC News ABC1 914,000 5 Nine News Nine 860,000

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  1. Good research Andrew. If media marketing and advertising specialists are consistently getting it wrong, how the heck would us plebs know what’s going on?Watching television is not meant to be rocket science, it is an entertainment medium…..loosen up and enjoy, but as the late Dean Martin would always say, “Keep those cards and letters coming in folks.”

  2. @ Goonies: Yeah the only place I have found Ideal is on Amazon UK, even the ABC Shop do not have it so my guess is it has not been made in Region 4 at all, Amazon UK only have up to Season 4 and Season 6 was commissioned in July so will likely pop up over Christmas or there abouts.

    I am hoping they do not jump around with Pulling as there were only 13 episodes of it spread over a couple of years (1st season of 6 in 2006, 2nd season of 6 in 2008 and a final 1 hour show in May this year), like I said I enjoy all this quirky shows on ABC2 lately.

    Also must say George Gently is doing well for the ABC on Friday Nights … I must be in the minority of minorities rewatching Torchwood and the 9:20pm shows on ABC2 (currently Being Erica) … 89,000 for Torchwood ( at least it is not on TEN now and can watch properly with no ads, then even the UK Channel put ads in which put me off as well).

  3. @vid, from 6 months ago:
    vid says:
    February 18, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    @ Andrew B
    ive been taking note of things within the last 6 months.
    and there will be a shift viewer patterns.
    i reckon around june/july.
    7 is being too cockie and and some of the favs programs that they have… i feel ppl will not be so interested in them
    10 on the other hand, have great new shows and ppl are taking interest in them, like what happen when 7 got new shows…
    nine on the other hand i feel are just getting started. some show..yes i will admit are crap, but i do feel they have some new ideas. and more importantly they will take risks. mike healy i feel is learning from his mistakes from last year

  4. I can relate to that Mike. For years watching two coppers wanderihg aimlessly about knocking on the same doors at least several times throughout the show and getting nowhere, next thing I’m sound asleep, wake up in time to watch the following program, ask the missus, “Whodunnit?” only to have her say, ” Dunno, I dropped off.”

  5. i dont know if anyone else was watching 9am with david and kim today but james accidently let out natalie imbrulia ( if thats how u spell it ) is going to be a celeb contestant on masterchef. also news which ten didnt deny that Eamon Sullivan the swimmer would also be on the show.

  6. @JG,

    If you really want experience sleep inducing material then watch all those British “who-dunnits” the ABC is so keen on showing. Saturday night viewing on the ABC is the best excuse to leave the house.

  7. Burn Notice got a great number last night, well compared to previous screenings. Dont watch it but good on it. I think Rush is really taking charge in its second season, fantastic show – very underated. The acting is fabulous and its probably the best Aussie Drama out at the moment (yes, better than PTTR and Underbelly) Thats my opinion, Im sure people will see differently.

    Great to see The Footy Show up from last week as well.. I wonder how low the ratings for the show would be if Sam Newman was sacked.. Id stop watching it for sure!

  8. Hey David

    Ideal is on ABC2 on Thursdays @ 10pm. They showed season 1 and then season 4 for some reason. Black comedy revolving around Moz who is a pot dealer.

    UK comedy, very good everyone – pretty niche though 🙂

  9. David Ideal is a comedy show on ABC2 at 10pm about a guy called Moz who is a small-time hash only drug dealer in Manchester coming from BBC Three, there are 6 seasons (of 8 episodes long), though it finished last night and is being replaced by Pulling another BBC Comedy.

    Another of my ABC2 Nights on Thursday with How Not to Live Your Life (9pm), United States Of Tara (9:30pm) before Ideal (10pm so I will be watching Pulling now) and Billable Hours (a Canadian comedy series set in a Toronto law firm called Fagen & Harrison) after it at 10:30pm.

  10. Really Jerome? I was under the impression that The Secret Life of Us rated higher in its hey day. Then again I have never seen any ratings for that show. Anyway Rush is very deserving of its great numbers – always enjoyable.

  11. what a whole lot of bulls**t! nine is serving up to us with hot seat being the no.1 game show, for 3 days dond is nearly 100k in front of hot seat and only 1 day they get close to dond, so i think 9 is giving us incorrect info and making them look desperate for anything that rates especially with nothing rating big on their channel nearly all the time. it is a shame tv burp is a ratings flop i do like the show but double take is s**t so both look like getting the axe but the amazing race is a great show and earl and family guy rock.

  12. @andrewB
    where did i say in my comment today.. that i said 9 will make a comeback???
    i didnt!! i said that it wont be the last time 9 will top the rating now and then..
    seven has had a good run…. but it wont last for ever! u only have to look back at history and the trends of the networks… nine will better next year… and so will ten… iam sorry to say 7 will feel the pinch next year…. and No i wont tell you where i get my info from..
    u seem to know it all… so ill leave it to that..

  13. Rush was tens highest rating drama episode since Oztam began last night (which i guess says more about tens drama tham rush’s performance) but it’s good to see so many drama being so sucessful on tv.

  14. Hey Mak – notice I said ‘networks’ in my post – I used an example from the Seven Network but yes I will concede they all do it and usually shamelessly… and aren’t you being just a tad hypocritical calling me ‘critical’ when your entire post is critical of at least 3 shows…talk about throwing stones…but hey you’re entitled to your opinion and we love you for it!

    Agree with you that TV Burp and Double Take are bordering on a bit rotten at the moment. They were funny for about ten minutes when they first premiered but now are just plain boring. They should be retitled TV Bore and Double Boring!!

    And before anyone has a go at me for criticising the 7PM Project again…well I watched last night… again…and it was hopeless..again. I am trying to like it…I really really want to like it…but can someone tell me what was entertaining last night about having some actor called Rees or Rhys Muldoon…Ress who???…talking about his time on Playschool…this was followed by a 2 second grab with Disabilities Minister Bill Shorten about disabled parking…that really got me out of my seat and my retinas burning…then there was a sad and uninspiring cross to John Paul Young…not looking so young…at a very sad after party at some non-descript awards show where nothing was happening. Even one of the hosts asked why no one was there??

    Everyone on the panel was trying to find the joke…any joke…just one reason to laugh…and nothing…and the crew who must masquerade as the background audience tried so hard to laugh but it was like pulling teeth! I will try again tonight…and then if all else fails will switch to TVS and compare programs!

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