1. Andrew, the format will just need a slight tweak, but i dont see why it cant work. 7 and 9 have news leading into news based programs. People actually watch Ten News, then flip over to to 7 or 9 news after it. I myself do it cos I only get to see about 20minutes of ten news, so once its done i flip over to Nine, however if it went to 6pm Id have no reason to flip to nine. I then back to Neighbours, so ten need to adress the drop off from ten news, they have the biggest lead in goin into 6pm yet are always last. Then the 7PM Project. People watch news, the figures prove it.

  2. Expected Rush to pull a higher number than 1.036mill. It was a brilliant episode as per usual, at least it hasnt fallen below one million this season. Even in the 9.30 timeslot it rated decently. Im quite sure the ‘feature length’ double episode of Rush will rate higher next week.

    7PM still failed. Rules failed even harder. Glee should help TENs share on Thursdays and also boost Rush’s ratings.

  3. Nana on the couch

    Hi cyber pets – Nana here again. Well the girls down here in Cessnock have just finished watching the lovely Oprah and the only thing we don’t want anyone to do is move the Bold and the Beautiful. My friend Maude would have a fit (literally) if Ridge and Brooke were re-slotted! As for the rest of the day we don’t really like the 7am Prospect – is that what it’s called.?

    Maybe that darling Sandra Sulls could read the news at 7pm – that might be nice particularly in the summer months when we’re all napping at 5pm. And maybe that show for the young ones – that 7pm thing could be moved to 5pm followed by that dreadful cartoon show the Simpsons and then the lovely Neighbours . So our afternoon schedule from the gals in Cessnock would be

    4.30 Bold and the Beautiful / 5.00 the 5PM whatever you call it / 5.30 the Simpsons hour / 6.30 Neighbours / 7.00 News – 30 minutes only darlings

    Nana has spoken!

  4. @ryan..I know! It’s so painful watching this horrid woman but at least we know she’ll be found out to be a raving loony eventually and be sent off to join Miranda’s sister (forgot her name)

    As for 10 I’m used to news at 5 as are many people and most of us don’t like change so leave it. Perhaps put something new at 6 although I’m happy to see endless repeats. And never move Neighbours from 6.30 again people don’t like change and it’s been there for eons.

  5. These rating show the committed audience TAR has. Despite being shunted back an hour, and having a dud lead in, it still pulled 937,000. 70,000 more than what it got from Gary Unmarried (useless tripe, should be scrapped immediately).

  6. I find it very interesting that Seven’s worst night of the week, still beats Ten. Ten really are a mess at the moment, I bet they are itching for Celeb Masterchef to start

  7. it could easily be done these days ( move ten news to 5.30-6.30) esp since ten news at 5 isnt the first news coverage anymore. seven and 9 have dominated 6-7 slots for yrs now and its time to cut into the news, people say who were watching ten news at 6 then want more news and switch to 7 or 9 but if ten were to still be telling news during that time it would hold onto alot of viewers

  8. another shocking acting performance from lyn!! every ep she cries and its sooo bad even i could pretent to cry better and im a guy! and wtf is with her clothing lol! looks like sheets! hahaha

  9. I forgot about recording Rush last night because the Amazing Race was on at 8.30 so missed first 10 mins of Rush. Gary Unmarried wasn’t too bad a sitcom. Don’t think it’s a hit, but i don’t think 2.5 Men is any good, and Gary Unmarried is better than that so i really don’t know what to think anymore.

  10. @ Ryan and Vinnie. i totally agree about tens news service. Its been unfair on Neighbours to have simpsons repeats as a lead in and unfoar on there line up from 7pm onwards to have to play catch up. I know that THISafternoon was a flop for nine, but im wondering if this will work on the back of Tens streghth in Day time TV, Primetime exposure and the massive Bold and the Beautiful lead.

    4:00pm Huegheys Cooking Adventures / 4:30pm Bold and The Beautiful / 5:00pm The 5pm Project (or what ever they want to call it) / 5:30pm Ten News / 6:30pm Neighbours / 7:00pm Tens reality formats (get a 3rd one for the end of the year)


    4:00pm Huegheys Cooking Adventures / 4:30pm Bold and The Beautiful / 5:00pm Ten News at 5 / 6:00pm The 6pm Project (or what ever they want to call it) / 6:30pm Neighbours / 7:00pm Tens reality formats (get a 3rd one for the end of the year)

    Thoughts people. I think either option will help ten, but the 1st one will cut into 7 and 9’s news. When the Victorian bushfires happened and 10 had 90minute news service goining into melbourne, it beat 7 and 9 news in Melbourne for the 1st 30mins (7 and 9 had 1 hour bulletins starting from 6pm) so it can work.

  11. Glad to see Gary Unmarried tanked. It looked so B-Grade. Refused to watch it because I was annoyed Amazing Race was moved to later in the night.! Please don’t move it again. Sad to see TV Burp not going well, some of it is very funny and my hubby and I don’t mind watching it sometimes. Double Take is on too late for us, but we did enjoy that when it was on earlier.

  12. ducko, I wouldnt go that far in regards to Rush. It built 400k+ on a lead in of 600k as appose to 1.1mil last week. It has not really had a conistant show lead it in week in week out (MasterChef special, rules repeats, Jon and Cate, 40 Stone Virgin and Australian Idol, back to Rules repeats, next Hamsih and Andy Special, then Glee). It’s never failed to slip under 1mil this year, like Rescue: Special Opps, on a lower rating night. Ten have gotta get 7.30 consistant, and i think glee will do that. 7pm does what i expected, purely cos 7 counted it in southern sates with H&A. How nines awful line up coninues to win them every thursday ill love to know

  13. Attn TEN : While you are running with 7pm why don’t you trial anyone and everyone from your stable of stars? People we would never in our wildest dreams think we would see on a panel show. Have a new host every night and ring in’s to keep it fresh.
    The idea of a 7pm Comedy/news/entertainment show could work but I ain’t watching with the current regulars on the show. This is the best thing you’ve tried in a long time (and i’m going back to Alan Jones Live days).
    P.S No Tim Baily

  14. Last episode of TV Burp next week. Thur Sept 17 & 24 will see double Amazing Race at 8.30 with Double Take at 10.30 (it’s 4th time slot). Then 7 will completely re-do their Thursday nights from Oct 1.

    Turned off Gary Unmarried after 2 minutes. More suited to late night probably, that’s where it will end up I’d say. Or on their new channel. Or sell it to 9 to pair up with 2.5 Men.

  15. neighbores have not watched the show for more than 10 years, but will tune in to see how bad this lyn person really is, all the posts have got me interested

  16. Whoa huge win for Nine and just imagine how much they would win by if their news/ACA hour was on a par with Seven.

    Sad to see TV Burp fall of further it’s one of my favorite shows and it looks like being axed. Why do people ignore this and watch drivel like strictest parents??
    Going by the ads Gary Unmarried got what it deserved and will likely drop off more next week.

  17. @ Ryan

    Music to my ears (and eyes) – someone who actually agrees with my take on the whole Simpsons-infected 6pm slot on TEN; they desperately need to end their love-fest with The Simpsons sooner rather than later; for the past 15-odd years, since moving their News service to 5pm and moving The Simpsons, which, back then, was a popular sitcom with fresh, new episodes, into this slot, have really had people’s perception of the network progressively dumbed-down.

    Yes, the News must return to the 6pm, whether by starting at 5:30pm and remaining a 1 hour service, or commencing at 6pm, reverting to a half-hour service.

    This will “water down” the strengths of the ratings of the two-man race which is now 7 & 9.

    Then Neighbours needs to reclaim the 7pm slot it held from inception to the early 90s. I can hear you all now, that’s suicide, but I don’t think so.

    TEN – the First at Five thing is well past its use-by date.

    Let go

  18. Omigod! Nana, I thought all of my aunties had passed on. Handy place to be is Cessnock, surrounded by the vineyards. I bet you and the girls give it a nudge from time to time. Unfortunately like Nik C I can’t help you as I didn’t tune in either and going on the figures hardly anyone else did either. The contestants were named during the late news break, but by then I suppose you were all snug as a bug in a rug sound asleep with your hot water bottles. The only one I can recall with certainty was Indira Naidoo formerly of SBS. I do believe that Celebrity MC will do OK when it airs later on this month and you will gain great pleasure out of correcting all their mistakes as they burn the water.
    By the way Don Lane sends his regards to all of you out there in Gods Waiting Room.

  19. Rush took quite a tumble now that Seven’s free kick with TV Burp & Doubletake have been moved out of the competition. A bit premature in declaring Rush a hit?

  20. Shame about TV Burp. I think it’s a great concept…the original with Harry Hill is wonderful….but the limp local version is let down by uninspired writing and the inability to be really silly.

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