Wil Traval joins Underbelly

wtNine has announced a few more cast names as it  begins principal photography on Underbelly today.

As noted on the weekend, Emma Booth will appear as Kym Hollingsworth, and newcomer Firass Dirani is ‘smiling teenage Kings Cross identity’ John Ibrahim.

Diarmid Heidenreich will appear as cop Eddie Gould, Damian Garvey (East of Everything, Sea Patrol, McLeod’s Daughters) is detective “Chook” Fowler and former All Saints regular Wil Traval is cop Joe Dooley. Traval currently has a supporting role in Rescue: Special Ops.

Additonal major cast will be announced soon.

Returning performers will include Paul Tassone, Daniel Roberts and Dieter Brummer as police, Peter O’Brien as George Freeman, Georgina Haig as his wife Georgina and John McNeil as crime kingpin Lennie McPherson.

Writing the series are Greg Haddrick, Peter Gawler, Felicity Packard and Kris Mrska.

Directors are Tony Tisle and Shawn Seet (guess that means no Peter Andrikidis) with Producers Elisa Argenzio and Peter Gawler, Executive Producers Des Monaghan, Greg Haddrick and Jo Horsburgh.

Horsburgh, Nine’s Head of Drama, said “Underbelly is great drama and the making of this third series is proving to be just as exciting as the previous two. The Golden Mile is already shaping up in its promise to deliver entertaining characters and compelling stories that we have come to expect from the Underbelly brand.

“I can’t wait to see it come to life and for an audience to sit back enjoy the ride.”


  1. Damien Tessman

    I agree with bloated belly, poor unconvincing acting, lame dialogue. It is a sad representation of Australian drama. I guess for people with nothing else interesting in their lives it provides some fantasy to get them by. lame underbelly lame

  2. Underbelly needs to stay away from focussing on the police/detectives.. There seems to be way too many cop shows on TV at the moment and after the second season of Underbelly going into the third, it seems as though this too will be just another ”police drama”..

    What made the first Underbelly so well liked was the fact that it focussed on the lives of the criminals, and sort of had the good guys in the background.
    All the best gangster movies over the years have all been focussed on the stories of the actual bad guys themselves and hardly ever include the cops.
    For example: The Godfather, Scarface, Goodfellas etc.. Even Aussie gangster flicks such as Two Hands, Chopper and Dirty Deeds highlighted the events of the modern day Australian mobster..

    Underbelly 3 needs to stay away from the coppers as much as possible and simply focus on what the criminals do, otherwise sadly this will be just another boring cop show…

  3. I’m in the minority that share your view ryaneco. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of sheep bleating collectively about the brilliance of the Underbelly franchise when in reality, even Blind Pew could see that it’s really rather average- sketchy, unconvincing characters, ropey acting, silly dialogue, lacklustre scripts, unintentionally humourous tone.

    It’s fortunate for Nine that the Australian public seem to have an endless fascination with the underworld. As such there is a massive ready-made audience for this kind of thing (mostly Zoo readers who wana see loads of breasts on screen). It’s all smoke and mirrors, not ‘great drama’. End of.

  4. Nooooooo, Felicity Packard is writing. She is almost as terrible as Marieke Hardy.

    It seems once again it will have a fantastic cast but will be let down by the writers, poor planning, lazy editing and over zealous producers.

  5. Hope its not as rushed as season 2 which was a real horrible tv show; despite the majority of the Australian public having a different opinion than mine.

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