Wire in the Blood set for US clone

CBS and DreamWorks Television are to adapt the UK thriller for the US with a writer from CSI: Miami.

robsonNot content with Wire in the Blood: USA (which screened this week on ABC2), CBS and DreamWorks Television are to adapt the original series for the US.

CSI: Miami writer Ildy Modrovich will write the pilot, with Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad, Californication and Eleventh Hour) set to direct. Significantly, McDonough has also directed several episodes of the UK series.

Robson Green who stars in the series, is producer of the UK series via his production company Coastal Productions. Sandra Jobling, a producer on the original ITV series, is on board as an executive producer.

He features as a university clinical psychologist Tony Hill, assisting a tough female detective inspector, originally played by Hermione Norris and later Simone Lahbib,to solve grisly murders.

Last year Robson Green told TV Tonight, “….but in the books, and you’re the only person I’ve ever said this to -this is true, hand on heart- Tony Hill never solves a crime.

“He leads the police down the right path. But in the end he doesn’t solve it,” he said.

“Tony Hill never solves the crime. And that’s the truth.”

Source: The Wrap

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