7HD adds movies for a lift

stSeven appears to be responding to the ratings boost that GO! has given Nine’s rating share by adding movies to 7HD.

This Sunday night it will air Cool Runnings at 6:30pm. On Tuesday it plays Bachelor Party at 9:30pm.

On Sunday 27th another family movie, Chicken Little will air at 6:30pm. On Tuesday 29th Starship Troopers screens at 9:30pm.

On Wednesday 30th The Mighty Ducks will air at 7:30pm against Hey Hey The Reunion and Celebrity MasterChef.

Updated: Sun Oct 4th 6:30pm Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, 8:30 Red Dawn.
Wed 7th 7:30 The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, 9:30 Sin City

Any extra audience that Seven gets from breakout programming on 7HD is added to its primary channel. That formula helped Nine across the line last week, and again on Sunday night.

This form of competition is a win for viewers. As I said a few days ago, Seven could get creative if they were concerned about the ratings issue. Seems they are.

Meanwhile TV Tonight hears all stories about plans for Seven’s digital channel, including talk of a Lifestyle channel, are completely off the mark.


  1. I gotta say that for the first time in a long time, Nine’s decision to push forward into the younger skewing market is paying off. Especially if they pull in the US shows fast – Vampire Diaries numbers in the states are enough to suggest it will surprise a few people locally and the airing of shows that don’t carrying big 1m numbers but have dedicated fans who will come back week after week, means your audience might cut you some slack on other shows. Meaning Seven, you better have Lost ready to fast track for the last season.

    It surprises me that Seven aren’t moving faster. I agree with everyone that a totally dedicated lifestyle channel isn’t great but why not theme nights. Yes, of course, Go are already doing this but they don’t own the idea of theme nights – so Seven what about comedy Tuesday, factual Monday, foodie Friday?

  2. Starship Troopers is great, but does 7 really not have any other decent movies? Guess not.

    (Oh, and nothing makes you sound like an old fart more than using the term “teenybopper” in your post.)

  3. newtaste, “TAAM” is the hebrew word for taste. Given that David is hearing that talk of a lifestyle channel is off the mark I doubt Seven are planning an entire channel devoted to taste/cooking. I know Seven have registered the name with IP Australia, though, but it is more than likely related to their engineering division.

    Given that Seven have handed Nine a huge head start, the appeal of Seven’s channel would have to be a lot broader in order to compete with GO! I envisage movies during the day/late night, children’s entertainment mornings and afternoons, documentaries some nights, dumped programming that isn’t working on the main channel for other nights, perhaps news overnight and classic television on the weekend. Just a hunch.

  4. I for one hope that 7 does take on a life style theme, as long as it isnt constant “infomercials”. I used to love Saturday Cooking which featured several half hour stints over the usual sport stuffed saturday afternoon. bring on a foodie channel!

  5. You’re kidding right. The Mighty Ducks up against Masterchef & Hey Hey? Come on, the 7:30 Report would be so much more interesting than that garbage.

    Hinting at a movie channel? Better hope they can get something more entertaining than crappy re-runs of movies most people are sick to death of.

    I said it in another forum as well but I believe Seven don’t even have a clue on what they’re going to do. Maybe by the end of 2010, we might have something worthwhile from Seven, but until then, they’ll keep running scared. Or maybe Stokes is too focused on Foxtel to care about FTA?

  6. @ Ben – I don’t think it applies … just look at the content for One, ABC2 and Go so far.
    @ JazzaD – That would be good, however ‘movies’ would start at 8:30, as its the first timeslot they can play M-rated shows

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