Adam Brand wins Dancing trophy

abSinger Adam Brand has won this year’s Dancing with the Stars title with his dance partner Jade Hatcher.

Brand defeated Today Tonight’s Matt White who scored three perfect tens from judges for his final freestyle routine with dancer Ash-Leigh Hunter. Brand’s chosen charity was The Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

Brand said, “At the start of this competition I said it ‘doesn’t matter what they do. They can put me in high heels and aballerina dress for all I care.’ The reason we said yes and wanted to do this was the money for charity.

“We lost my little nephew a couple of years ago. Every step, evey awkward move that I’ve done here, doesn’t matter. He’s up there watching .. This is for little Harry, this is for my little nephew.”

Brand finished with 66 points from the judges, well behind White’s 84, meaning the audience vote from last week pushed him over the line.

The third finalist, The Morning Show‘s Kylie Gillies, was eliminated earlier in the evening.

dwfBrand’s win marks the fourth time a non-Seven personality has won the competition.

This series was distinguished by the inclusion of blind paralympian Gerrard Gosens, who received several criticial comments from judges who sought not to favour his disadvantage. It was a delicate balancing act for all concerned. In the Grand Final, Gosens danced a tricky waltz with his wife, emotionally introduced as “a belated Bridal Waltz” which ended in a minor tumble.

It also featured Packed To The Rafters‘ Hugh Sheridan performing his single Just Can’t Throw Us Away and the cast from The Jersey Boys.

The ninth series, hosted by Daniel McPherson and Sonia Kruger, has performed well for Seven, against tough competition.

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  1. I love the show and was very happy that Adam had won, He was very Funny & Lovable . Dancing is Fun & good exercise for us all. Looking forward to next season.

  2. I thought Adam was great. His fan base is huge as he is a very well-known country singer. I think some of the people who have made comments have spent their lives under a rock if they haven’t heard of him. His entertainment value is delightful and he can laugh at himself a trait some of his knockers should try. It make him so likeable and human. Love the show. It is the first time I have ever voted and it was worth it seeing them win. I hope someone with as much normality and likeability is included in the next show. I can’t wait.

  3. Once again, it’s not a dancesport competition, it’s a television show and that is just plain old entertainment people…
    Coming from a Ballroom & Latin dancer and teacher, I firmly believe that Kylie was not the best dancer in the competition, and not a performer by any means, she was at times awkward and unstable, she had horrible top line and posture however with more time, confidence, ‘lower heels’ being an ametuer and more practise she could’ve been fabulous. Adam never claimed to be a great dancer and looking at his face he felt terrible about being in the grand final, let alone winning, but he was extremely entertaining, fun to watch and down to earth, and that my friends is entertainment and that is a true performer at their best which won the heart of most australians and that is how he won. A fantastic charity too, and for it to be personal like his was, even better for it.
    To say Kylie was the best is a person’s opinion, probably someone who warmed to her and then became a fan of hers, which is great and everyone is entitled to an opinion for sure, but how about you show your opinion by encuraging support and comments towards Kylie, not negativity, criticism, or rediculous accusations of ‘rigging’ or personal attacks against others.

  4. It was a great show … I thought Matt White was the best dancer and the most improved and should have won but Adam was by far the most entertaining and it has done no end of wonders for his profile and career … even a new No 1 album I hear! It seems that some people really Do vote … and that is why he won!
    Sonya is fabulous and deserves her own show … hell, her own Network! So much better to have her and Daniel hosting instead of self indulgent Daryl … thank god he is gone!

  5. maybe it was rigged to stop people from complaining that ch 7 celebs always win!!! Kylie shoulda won, she was the most consistent throughout the whole series!!!

  6. Why do people still actually care about who wins in this show!?!? This show is becoming far too serious for its own good. The reason I used to watch was to laugh at the really bad dancers like Mollie, and Daryn Hinch. Now the judges don’t seem to have a funny side to their comments.

    If you want to see good amature dancing, then watch American So You Think You Can Dance. Then compare that to Kylie’s slow and boring routines.

  7. Seriously guys, making personal comments about someone you don’t know is just not cool.. Think about how you’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot…

    Adam tried just as hard as everyone else and you may not have known him before the show, but clearly loads of others did! Look outside your own world, so your favourite didn’t win, but thousands of other’s favourite did!
    Matt was the best dancer in the final, Jess Macnamee was the best dancer of this series but she didn’t win many hearts and if she has fans then they didn’t vote enough, so that’s the way the cookie crumbles.. It’s dancing with the ‘stars’ not dancing with the dancesport professionals, half judges votes half viewers votes, whoever has the most fans and wins the most hearts will win the competition and always does, deal with it and stop whingeing already!
    Great guy, great charity and good on him and Jade if they’ve found love along the way, keep romance alive guys and congrats! xx

  8. Shows like this are not about talent but are about publicity … that’s what you get when you put people who don’t know about the industry and ‘real’ tallent in charge. Not that it really matters with DWTS …

  9. They need to change the voting system because australians are idiots. Judges points should be worth more, cos matt’s last dance was brilliant, and adam’s was well boring. He didn’t even seem like he wanted the bloody trophy, the first thing he did with it was let matt white hold it.

  10. I’m very happy that Adam won, though it did take awhile before I warmed to him.

    People seem to get confused as to who the show works. It’s primarily a popularity contest as the viewer vote will always win out. Presumably viewers will vote for who entertains them the most and who they want to continue to watch more so than Actual dancing talent.

    Personally, I find I get turned off by the serious contenders…those who desperately want to win. I got that sense from both Kylie and Matt. Maybe it’s just a desire to see the underdog win through.

    Another factor is that the results are determined by those viewers that are prepared to put their hand in their pocket to support who they like. I wonder if they fit a specific sort of psychological profile? Also, are the charities nominated by the celebrities a factor? Give the surprise result, perhaps it was a confluence of these factors that saw Adam win.

  11. I think it was cool for Adam he was the outsider who just kept trying and smiling. Yes the public vote counted but it always has. Thats the unknown factor that keeps people tuning in. I think the two fav’s cancelled each other out.

  12. Ch 7 was the winner of DWTS, Ratings Ratings Ratings.

    The word ‘Rigged’ was in over kill on the DWTS Boards last night

    Adam Brand from Perth WA is hugely popular in the Country Music genre.

    I guess the annual whingers will be happy now as they have been complaining that Ch7 personalities always win DWTS, sadly they should have again…..

  13. Gotta love costcutting…

    I was actually expecting a Seven personality to win, with Brand coming third… Maybe people are sick of programs like these being used as a vehicle to promote a network’s talent.

  14. very disapointed, adam didn’t even look that happy. australia needs to learn to vote. i don’t have a problem with the most popular or most entertaining winning, but i didn’t find adam entertaining or likeable at all at least not more than matt and kylie.

    i was going for kylie all season but that last dance from matt was spectacular.

    the worst possible outcome occured.

  15. Leo said ‘I guess cost cutting is alive & well at 7 ‘.

    mmmm Leo none of that has anything to do with it…

    Mat and Kylie should have been the final 2 and for Adam to win was a big ‘shock’ not only to the network, but also the public.

    When will the public learn to vote, rather than assume the one they like will win.

    Kylie should have won this series, and to go out at number 3 was tragic.

    To me (and the judges from what we could see when results were announced) a very disappointing series – I would have rather have seen Gerrard win considering the results of this evening. 🙁

  16. I can’t believe that Adam Brand (a nobody) won dwts

    6 months ago, you ask anyone on the street who he was, you would probably get a blank look!

    Matt and Kylie have daily tv shows so have a place to get votes. Where as Adam, before dwts, i didn’t know who he was!

    I didn’t realise how popular country music was in Australia!

  17. I really enjoyed the show tonight. I was shocked that Adam won though, I didnt know he had that many fans.
    I was hoping Kylie would have won, she looked sensational tonight.
    Sonia’s frock was Fabulous – she really is a stunning woman.
    Also Helen looked lovely – she always looks really classy & elegant.
    I’m a bit disapointed in channel 7 though, the production values have gone – in past seasons they went all out with props & special effects etc, this year there was just a glitter drop at the end.
    I guess cost cutting is alive & well at 7 😉

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