Airdate: Great Aussie Cook-Off

Jo and Vince at Sydney Harbour 5 2Nine’s consumer-branded cooking contest, Coles Great Aussie Cook-Off will premiere at 5pm Sunday October 11th.

The 7 part series is hosted by Vince Sorrenti and Jo Silvagni.

Each week two families go head to head in a ‘Cook Off’ in which they have to produce a range of meals using common base ingredients. They have a budget to buy the other ingredients to create their masterpieces. No prizes for guessing where they will have to buy them from. Viewers will decide who goes through to the next round via SMS or online.

Episode 1 begins with national search and introduces the 8 families who will compete.

Some media initially presumed this was a MasterChef follow up for Nine, but it was never the case, and it sits alongside other consumer-branded content that dot our weekend schedules (or should that be ‘infest?’).


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