Airdate: John Safran’s Race Relations

safranHe’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty Jewish boy.

Notorious doco presenter John Safran will return with John Safran’s Race Relations Wednesday October 21st on ABC1. The eight-part comedy-documentary is about cross-cultural, interracial and interfaith love.

Torn between his Jewish upbringing and his inclination to hit on Eurasians, Safran comes up with some of the craziest television ever.

His insane globetrotting takes him to Israel, Palestine, Togo, Japan, Thailand, UK, Netherlands and the United States. He turns black and goes undercover in Chicago, talks to his dead mother, becomes a ladyboy and an Elephant Man, all in an attempt to make sense of cross-cultural love.

And then there’s that crucifixion incident in the Philippines…

But by the looks of this trailer, this is also a step up in terms of production values.

Warning: Language.


  1. On Sunday Night Safran on Triple J, he said that one on the stories on Race Relations would be about Jewish men who want to have their circumcision reversed.

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