Airdate: Karaoke High

KaraokeHighThe short-lived drama Karaoke High aired in its native New Zealand, but TEN is planning to show them anyway.

Wouldn’t be anything to do with local drama points now would it?

It’s tough to make it into “Karaoke High.” But getting accepted is only the beginning of the battle. Each of the top dance and music students have big dreams, but only the very best will make it.

We may have to see if this one lasts longer than Seven’s UK import Britannia High.

It’s slated to screen 6pm Saturday October 3rd.



  1. Surely Ten would have been better to put this on, for instance, as a summer filler for Neighbours where people are more likely to at least follow it over its run. Hiding it at 6pm on a Saturday does nothing to encourage people to follow the series. Put it in a timeslot where it can serve an audience as well as clock up some drama points.

  2. Hi David, I’m the programmer for TV2 and can assure you that 15 episodes were made and all 15 played in the 7.00pm weekdays slot while Shortland Street was off air for summre- in the slot that they were commissioned for.

    I’m not sure where you got the information that 3 originally aired and it was pulled- but it is certainly not correct!

    Great website by the way! 🙂

  3. There were more than three episodes made of this series. The show was a summer weeknight replacement for soap Shortland Street so there is at least 3-4 weeks worth of episodes.

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