Airdate: Secret Millionaire

Secret Millionaire, narrated by Russell Crowe, is coming to Nine in early October.

secretmillionaireMore new shows coming to Nine with reality series Secret Millionaire coming in early October.

The show, based on a UK format, will air 9:30pm Thursday October 8th. As previously indicated, this will be narrated by Russell Crowe.

In this new award winning format, narrated by Russell Crowe, each week a successful millionaire will go to the other side of the tracks with a secret identity and forge their own way working and volunteering in some of the poorest neighbourhoods. On their final day, the millionaires reveal their true identity and using their wealth, come to the aid of people who need it most to turn there lives around. This week multi-millionaire heritage property developer Albert Bertini goes undercover.

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  1. I have enjoyed the Secret Millionaire, have seen three shows and last night with Derek in New Castle was one of the best. He came across as a really nice, laid back guy who was on the spiritual pathway.

    The people that he gave too deserved the leg up as did the others in Sydney and Melbourne too, but why is there not more help for these people from the Kevin Rudd ? why do we always have to keep putting our hands into our pockets to help the health, education etc out.

    Sorry, got on to my favorite rant, keep up with these shows channel nine, they are great,

  2. A whole new example of put your money where your mouth is. I have really enjoyed watching the UK version of this show and am so proud of the Aussie version. It seems to be no strings attached and these wonderful people are happy to give to the less fortunate, those who just keep giving, regardless of their circumstances. We all go through hard times however it is so good to see that members of our upper class care enough to ‘put themselves out there’. God bless those Australians who look after the less fortunate.

  3. Fantastic concept and a great view into our world.
    Thank You Albert & channel nine .
    This program is well worth watching I can assure you as I am Billy from The Way
    Believe me this is how things really are no dramatization.

  4. @ Jerome: 9’s strategy maybe an attempt to hold onto the later audience at 9.30 as it seems most nights they win they have a strong 9.30 show (or at least a show that wins the 9.30 timeslot) after the rest of the night being 2nd or so behind 7.

  5. I think maybe people are expecting a feel good ‘Domestic Blitz’ type show but the UK version is far from that so I’m guessing the 9 version will follow suit. The show has some hard hitting themes and these aren’t kids with cancer, these are people who are incredibly poor and live in the worst areas.

  6. this screamed “nine Sunday 6.30pm” to me…but, anyway, I enjoyed the UK version of Lifestyle so ill be interested to see what nine do with it, it will no doubt be turned into their usual “Aussie Battler” crap…

  7. far from what i was expecting. i thought it would go to Sunday 6:30 and be part of a rotation with domestic blitz and RAOK.

    what’s going on 9, so many high profile shows being dumped into 9:30 slots, first apprentice now this. and i expect L2L will as well. usually i wouldn’t have a problem with them doing this, it would be a good thing. but they are giving priority to US shows that don’t rate like the tuesday 2.5men, the mentalist and CSI in 8:30 slots.

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