Airdate: Short Stay in Switzerland

sssAs anyone who saw the recent biopic Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story knows, Julie Walters is always wonderful on screen. In fact, you can pretty much add most of her CV to that sentence.

This month BBC HD has a one-off drama inspired by the true story of Dr Anne Turner (Walters), who in 2006 took her own life in a Zurich clinic having developed an incurable degenerative disease.

Having recently witnessed the death of her husband from a neurological disease, Anne Turner is diagnosed with a near-identical illness and determines to end her life once her condition has reached a critical point.

As her health deteriorates, Anne’s son and two daughters struggle to reach a consensus over their mother’s intentions and while they search for alternative options, silent recriminations and stubborn practicality threaten to tear the family apart. With her family at logger heads, Anne must also face the fury of her best friend, whose opposing views bring them into direct conflict.

This is written by award-winning Irish writer Frank McGuinness.

Short Stay in Switzerland airs 8:30pm Thursday September 17th on BBC HD.

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