Airdate: Sports Soup

miMatt Iseman isn’t exactly Joel McHale but he’s allowed to borrow a leaf or two, given Sports Soup comes from the same producers.

It’s coming to ONE HD this month.

Like The Soup, Iseman will present clips with wry commentary before a studio audience. It kinda looks like The Soup meets Play of the Day.

It premieres on ONE 8pm Wednesday September 16th, and good to see a little more variation in the sports genre.


    • ONE advises the program aired in the US this morning and was meant to be extreme fast tracked about 8 hours later but it classified as M and cannot air before 830. It will air to a new regular slot of Thursdays 9pm.

  1. Might give it a watch. Hopefully living in Australia the jokes are still funny, because some of those clips you have make no sense unless you know who they are talking about.

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