Airdate: The Vampire Diaries. Returning: Nip / Tuck

vdChannel GO! will screen The Vampire Diaries on Monday nights, at 8:30pm from Monday September 28th.

The new teen-horror drama starring Ian Somerhaulder launched as the most-watched premiere ever for the CW Network with 4.91m viewers. A repeat episode will also screen at midnight.

The series is the first major title to enjoy a first run on GO! just ahead of its full channel launch on October 4th.

At 11:00pm will be a repeat of Bridezillas.

Earlier in the evening a double ep of The Hills will also air at 7:30pm.

In adding these titles to GO! Speeders, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Neighbours at War and Just Shoot Me are out of Monday night’s line-up.

Nip Tuck Season 5 Premiere EpisodeUpdated: The return of the salacious plastic-surgery soap Nip / Tuck starring Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh, a fan favourite that is long overdue, is now moved to 9:30pm Monday October 5.

GO! will air Series 5, when the characters relocated to Los Angeles.


  1. I love that Nip/Tuck is back on but I am so behind in the series. Last ep I saw was season 3 final.
    Does anyone know what song is being played in the ad for Nip/Tuck?? Its really catchy but of course I have not seen the ad again since then so I can’t take a guess or search the lyrics. Anyone know???

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