Airdate: Three Rivers

three-riversTEN will fastrack the new CBS medical drama Three Rivers starring Australia’s Alex O’Loughlin as a famous transplant surgeon.

The series which premieres in the US on October 4th, will screen on TEN at 9:30pm on Wednesday October 14th.

With Celebrity MasterChef and NCIS: Los Angeles in place, the show is set for a 9:30pm timeslot.

It also stars The L Word‘s Kathering Moennig and former Desperate Housewives resident Alfre Woodward.

But the series already has some history with the pilot being re-shot. This week CBS announced a further change with plans to move the second episode into place as the premiere ep.

It now opens with “Place of Life.”

Meanwhile there are rave reviews for the first episode of this year’s new House.


  1. Arlene Buglisi

    Thanks Channel 10 for airing Three Rivers so quickly. I loved Moonlight and was so sad when it was discontinued by CBS. Alex O’Loughlin is a wonderful actor and can’t wait to enjoy his new series.

    Again many thanks and hope the show is a hit for all concerned.

  2. Thanks Ten for fast tracking Three Rivers. I know this show has been tweaked a bit, but to me that only proves that the producers and CBS want it to succeed. Three Rivers will deliver a strong message about Organ Donation and with Alex now spokesman for Donate Life I think this show will set a new benchmark for Medical Drama’s. Plus Alex is super Hot!!

  3. I am looking forward to Three Rivers,I’m just happy to see our Aussie Alex O’loughlin back on tv every week because he’s a damn good actor…he chose this medical drama over other shows, so I’m trusting his judgement.

  4. For pity sake … not another Medical show?
    Please, do something creative instead of Medical, Cop and Vampire shows …
    How lame is all this “follow the leader” mentality in TV these days!

  5. sounds like history repeating itself, alex o’loughlin, CBS, re-shooting the pilot, problems behind the scenes, it’s going to get axed after one season just like moonlight even if it gets good ratings. especially if nina tassler gets her claws into it, she likes to replace excellent shows with her complete rubbish pet projects.

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