Aliens in America to wrap

aaHeads up if you’re a viewer of Aliens in America on GO!

The show will be winding up at 8:30pm on September 27th, with no less than 5 episodes.

No doubt the series is winding up before the channel’s official launch on October 4th.

With Sunday as the channel’s most popular night could it be clearing the decks for The Vampire Diaries?


  1. Stan, Anwar was just as offensive, as he wasn’t a devout Muslim, and only paid lipservice to his god, then got upto the shenanigans that was Skins (drugs, sex, swearing etc etc).

    Aliens takes the racist stereotype and swaps it, as Goonies said, he is one of the smarter characters, he is friendly, utterly likeable. Surely it’s more offensive to unattractive Swedish people? The American family was hoping for a hot Swede ya? And instead got a warm, friendly, well spoken character.

    I think the fact that it was based on a sterotype is ok, as they didn’t portray him as some mental nutcase with a backpack of explosives (which is another unfortunate stereotype…).

    The main problem with the show was the premise, Raja was only there for a year, how could they get him to stay longer without it being silly.

    That said, I do understand where you are coming from but it’s hard to guage a show like this after just one episode :).

  2. @ Stan

    Bit rich claiming a show is racist when you have only seen 1 ep!!

    I have no doubt that half the stuff they say is word for word what you would hear coming out of the mouths of americans on a regular basis, especially high school kids who have been brainwashed by parents and the media.

    Raja is just about the only sane, intelligent person there!

  3. @Stan surely the whole point of the show was displaying how stupid the racist and ignorant views of certain characters towards the sweet natured lead character were?
    Sadly US network comedies aimed at middle America are a long way off being anything like Skins. Baby steps.

  4. Josh,

    I could imagine that if you are West Asian or Pakistani (maybe you are) & after watching the first episode, you’d be deeply offended by the use of tired, well-worn stereotypes being played out in just about scene. It’s too bad the white guys writing that rubbish couldn’t take a leaf out of Skin’s book & portray a human being first with their ethnicity coming second – like they did with the Anwar character.

    I’m glad it’s gone…

  5. @vinny I just did the math, they have aired 11 eps as of Sunday, so next week to more than the final 5 the week after Sunday the 27th.

    I never found the show racist, it was a commentary on the prejudgments most in the US faced after 9-11.

  6. Stan, how is it racist? It plays on the perceived sterotype of Muslims, and juxtaposes the sterotype with a warm, friendly, slightly naive character and his interreactions with the family who go from fear an annoyance to liking, and appreciating him and his quirks.

    I am so offended, it awfully racist.

  7. what are people upset about? this show is being allowed to play out its full run, we have already seen up to episode 11, and what craig said is right, the EPG is currently showing episodes 12 and 13 next sunday and as davids article states there will be a 5 episode marathon the sunday after to show is the last episodes, there was only one season so that is it. there is nothing to get upset over, people are just so used to expecting the worst from 9 that they don’t read what is written carefully enough.

  8. Why should I have expected any different from GO! than Nine ?!

    It surely must be the same idiots doing the programming.

    You would think GO! was the place where a show could play out it’s run in full without being screwed overl

  9. Dear Go!

    Please remove your idiotic Vampire Diaries watermark from my television before it is burnt into it permanently and I have to send you the bill for a new one!

    Agree Aliens is a great show. Go has been a total saviour for me on Sunday nights – was getting desperado for something to watch before it came along.

    Also, Speeders!? Please put TMZ and Seinfeld back where they were.

  10. Such a shame that the series only went for 1 season, I loved Aliens in America.
    I loved Sunday nights on GO!, Big Bang Theory, Aliens and Old Christine.
    Hopefully, when the show ends, they replace it with something good.
    Big shoes to fill GO!

  11. There’s a surprise. Didn’t take Go! long to stuff around with episodes and series. How about they don’t repeat Flinstones every day and put it on there? That or get rid of TMZ and E! as I religiously shut off GO! at these times otherwise my TV is fixed on it the rest of the time.

  12. Damm !!! I was getting into this show… Sunday nights on GO! has to be one of the best nights on TV – any TV. Wipeout and triple dose of Big Bang Theory and then Aliens in America. I haven’t watched Sunday nights on the main channels since GO! started.

  13. Given that it only ran 18 episodes, you think they could find Somewhere on the schedule for it… But this is Nine’s programming staff we’re taking about. Oy…

  14. wow, I didnt know what to make of this show when I saw it advertised, but I watched it and luved it, 5 eps ina row to finish, sweet, will have to get comfy for that one lol. Saw Vampire Diaries, not bad…………..

  15. Thanks for the heads up, isn’t a good show, just a pity it didn’t get a 2nd season.

    BTW some of the cast have new show and can be seen in 10 Things I Hate About You and Cougar Town.

    Wait so Tuesday the 28th just got busier at 8:30, great!

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