Another Nine News, another hour…

ninesydneyFor the second time this week Nine News Sydney will stretch to an hour.

Tonight’s edition has had a last minute change, again pushing A Current Affair out to 7pm and bumping Two and a Half Men off screen.

The change is apparently NRL related (Newsflash: it’s actually AFL that has the Grand Final this weekend).

Nine did the same on Wednesday when a dust storm enveloped the city.

Maybe there’s another strategy here. Perhaps Nine News is so over Charlie Sheen and co. that the only way they can elbow him out for the night is to extend their own bulletin?

If that’s the case, more power to the newsroom….


  1. I wouldn’t mind a full hour of news on a permanent basis.

    Also, the vast majority of people from Sydney prefer the NRL to the AFL (or, getting into the mood of knocking rival codes, the AFL). The NRL is broadcast on channel Nine and the match could get 900k+ plus in Sydney alone, which is good for a game that isn’t even a Grand Final.

  2. tasmanian devil

    That used to happen in Tasmania…an hour of news and then ACA at 7, bumping away the 7pm show, which was then Frasier. Though I would prefer that ACA and its tabloid drivel got the chop.

  3. NBN will cope with this fine, but I’m sure Nine’s move will really pi** off the folks at WIN’s stations in NSW & the ACT. Where to they slot their local news in now? Maybe they should drop ACA altogether?

  4. @David: Actually there’s a pretty big game in sydney tonight between the eels and the bulldogs, that’s why there’s so much buzz. NSW isn’t as into AFL as Vic is, we love our NRL (better game in my opinion).

  5. I haven’t watched an NRL game since the 2004 grand final, but I will be watching tonight. However, I cannot stand Danny Weidler, so I won’t be watching Nine News. Go Eels!

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