Bernard Curry to host Beauty & The Geek

bcProduction begins this week on Channel Seven’s Beauty and the Geek Australia, a local adaptation of the US reality series.

Home and Away‘s Bernard Curry will host the series which premieres next month. He previously hosted Nine’s failed Monster House.

The network has finally revealed its prize for the series too: $100,000.

Curry, a ‘self professed geek’ said “I’m very interested in quantum mechanics and physics. I’ve read a fair bit about it and am fascinated by how deep it is. I’m looking forward to chatting to some of the guys about it.”


“People will love this show because of its warm-hearted centre. It’s about celebrating differences and Australia will identify with both the geeks and beauties because there’s a little bit of both in all of us.”

As in the US original, contestants will live together and enlighten each other as to their atitributes along the way. Namely, hooking up?

The beauties are:
* Elise, 20, hospitality worker and model from South Australia
* Emma, 22, model and event coordinator from NSW
* Hadassah, 22, spray tan technician from Queensland
* Jenna, 21, air hostess from Victoria
* Kate, 20, glamour model from South Australia
* Kimberley, 20, model from NSW
* Lisa, 20, make-up artist and sales assistant from South Australia
* Michelle, 18, meter maid from Queensland

The geeks are:
* Alan, 18, actuary student from Western Australia
* Corin, 28, synthetic organic chemist from Victoria
* Jeremy, 24, radio communications engineer from ACT
* Paul, 23, research economist and data analyst from ACT
* Peter, 28, forest pathologist and mycologist from Western Australia
* Nathan, 20, student teacher and comic book collector from Victoria
* Toby, 21, clinical ethics coordinator from Queensland
* Xenogene, 30, PhD student in mathematical foundations from NSW


  1. “spray tan technician”? biggest lol of the day.
    anyway good to see they have a host, some countries don’t. the rumours i was hearing was that they were holding off production because they were waiting for james kerleys contract to expire with ten which expired last week. i guess that rumour was just that then. looking forward to this a lot.

  2. Looking forward to it. The participants have seen the US version so they should know what to expect. Let’s not get all high brow and start spouting about exploitation. It’s silly and fun and I don’t think anyone expects anything more than a chuckle.

  3. Nana on the Couch

    Nana is not happy – my little boy has always been labelled a geek because of ability to part his hair – all three strands – in the middle and for his preference for hobbies like snake collecting.

    How will these poor boys really be portayed? – Maude and I will be watching closely and if there are any offensive breaches of the television code it’s off to ACMA with the lot of you!

    Nana has spoken!

  4. I am doing a Phd and I wanted to give a crack at it (for various other reasons) as a “geek”. My initial application was accepted.. then they sent me a questionaire. I was very careful enough not to put in any information that might say anything but geek! However, in hobbies section i mentioned along with lots of geeky things that “I like swimming and i swim weekly” ….
    the reply came back ” You are too socially active to be a geek!!!!”


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