Bumped: Nurse Jackie, Little Britain. Gone: Supernatural

TEN clarifies it's plans for two US cable shows, after the Idol changes confused us all.

njSeems in the flurry to shift Australian Idol to 7:30pm from this week there was an error in TEN’s Press Release regarding Little Britain and Nurse Jackie.

Both shows will be held this week and will not air following Rove.

Instead they will return on Monday Sept 28 for their second episodes following Good News Week.

Sun Sept 20
5:30pm Sports Tonight
6:00pm The Simpsons
6:30pm Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation
7:30pm Australian Idol
9:30pm Rove Turns Ten
11:00pm Sunday Late Night Movie – The Shape Of Things

Mon Sept 28
8:30pm Good News Week
10:00pm Little Britain ep 2
10:35pm Nurse Jackie ep 2
11:10pm TEN’s Late News With Sports Tonight
11:55pm Medium rpt
12:45am The Late Show With David Letterman

As previously indicated, a fasttracked Supernatural, originally planned for Sept 28th is currently out of schedule

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  1. Every Monday night my wife and I sit down and get ready for a good session of Supernatural, we even put up with Good News Week continually going over time and being just the same crap over and over every time.

    Now Supernatural has gone without any notice so well done Channel 10 you have ruined my viewing experience.
    The only shows left to watch are dull reality shows that seem to be geting more and more suited to people who speak very slowly.

    Also the Cleveland Show is an absolute joke.

    Bring back Supernatural!!!!!

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