Cal Wilson to host Sleuth 101 for ABC

Comedian Cal Wilson will host a whodunnit series for the ABC next year, produced by the team from Spicks and Specks.

calWhodunit? That’s the question comedian Cal Wilson will be asking in a new mystery comedy to be produced by the team behind Spicks and Specks.

Billed as a ‘whodunit game show with a comedic twist,’ Sleuth 101 will see a guest comedian asked to solve a re-enacted crime in front of a live studio audience. They will have no script – just witness statements, footage flashback and forensic evidence.

Each episode will also feature an ensemble of performers in the different roles as suspects and victims. The suspects in the mystery will all return to the scene of the crime where the novice detective will make their accusation.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen this genre on telly. Ian McFadyen’s Cluedo aired in 1992 on Nine, and there was the UK’s 1970s series Whodunnit?, but there have been others harking all the way back to the 1950s game show To Tell the Truth.

The eight part series includes both location and studio filming in Melbourne. Wilson, who is also a radio broadcaster, previously appeared on a series of Dancing with the Stars.

ABC’s Amanda Duthie said, “We’re delighted to have Cal Wilson host Sleuth 101. She’s funny, smart and surprising and will be the perfect guide for these weekly tales of crime”.

Anthony Watt, who is executive producer along with Bruce Kane, said, “It’s a whodunit show, but not as we know it. We’ve thrown in twists, turns, clues, red herrings and the best comic talent this country has seen. It’s ruthless, cold-blooded murder with jokes. Solve the crime or just kick back and laugh. Or both.”

The series will screen next year.

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  1. Is it just me, or does it seem ABC have an obsession with getting “comedians” to front all their programs that aren’t news related? Anyway, sounds like this might be the replacement for The Einstein Factor on Sundays…

  2. @ndro I have no trouble understanding her. Do you generally have trouble understanding people with accents? You must have great difficulty watching British television. I really hope this will be good. It’s nice to see ABC commissioning interesting programs with talented people involved.

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