CIA: ‘Cop Killer – The Winchester Assasination’

Steve Liebmann 2In the next instalment of Crime Investigation Australia, the show will revisit the 1989 death of Colin Winchester – the highest ranking Australian police officer ever murdered.

Assistant Federal Police Commissioner Colin Winchester was shot twice in the head at point blank range as he was getting out of his car outside his home in the ACT suburb of Deakin.

Winchester was the Chief of Police in ACT Region at the time of his death. He had served in law enforcement for 27 years. Extremely popular, he is described by his former colleagues as being a man of great integrity.

More than five years later, David Harold Eastman, a Commonwealth public servant – whose motive appeared to be frustration over the fact Winchester would not drop an assault charge against him – was charged with the murder. He was found guilty in November, 1995, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, but he is appealing this sentence.

Hosted by Steve Liebmann, this episode features re-enactments and interviews with Winchester’s friends, media (including veteran newsman Peter Harvey), solicitors from the case and the ballistics expert who helped to bring the criminal to justice.

It airs Thursday, September 24, at 7:30pm on the Crime & Investigation Channel.

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