Experiment sinking, NCIS to the rescue

The Spearman Experiment hit a new low last night, while TEN's audience boomed for the return of a thumpin' episode of NCIS.

magda (2)In the third night of the week from hell there were triumphs one and all….which means failures one and all too.

The return of NCIS stormed to 1.42m viewers (and rave reports from TV Tonight viewers already) which certainly bodes well for its remaining episodes on TEN this year. Expect it to disappear from late November. It wasn’t enough to win the slot, but for TEN it was a lifeline.

That victory went to Packed to the Rafters on just under 1.7m -down slightly from its ‘racy’ episode last week. The drop could easily be attributed to the return of NCIS and Nine’s Shrek premiere than viewer moral outrage.

Nine’s victory was Nine News in Sydney, which defeated Seven News by 10,000 viewers. Any theories on this one, people?

But TEN’s Spearman Experiment 668,000 was thrashed by 20 to 1‘s 1.2m and Seven’s factuals 1.44m / 1.38m. After its slight rise last week it hit a new low. But it did increase on The 7PM Project’s 609,000.

Shrek the Third took 783,000 for Nine while a last minute switch to The Vampire Diaries did pretty well considering, 348,000. Hot Seat was only 10,000 viewers behind Deal or No Deal.

Seven now has three out of three nights.

Week 40

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  1. magda magda magda how dare you joke about cars hitting us bike riders. you have no idea how many times a car has hit me. what a pitty and i thought you had abit of intelligence. i will never watch you again. why dont you get on a bike

  2. Spearman has sunk and it needs to be left at the bottom of the ocean!. I think it’s a poorly designed show. Who wants to be told what to have on their iPods, iTouch and iPhones? The episode before that had a promotion that showed a bomb and Magda trying to sound like it’s doomsday! When the last episode’s promo featured, it had Holly Brisley trying to do the Macerena, Then SYTYCD judge appearing to say, “That is just so wrong”! I think he meant Holly and hopefully the show itself? Also the 7PM project past it’s best before date. I think in TV terms a ‘view before date’! Also if only Nine won the news every night, I’d be happy?

  3. I like Magda, but god she is woeful hosting this. Her voiceover is cringe worthy. And yeah the countdown last night was songs you shouldn’t have on your ipod or something like that. Just like 20 to 1 no matter how many times they tell us its different.

  4. I’d consider myself a ‘TV nut’, but ive never watched an episode of TBYG, NCIS, PTTR, Spearman, the factual hour ect because i work on tuesday nights, and already have enough pre-recorded programs on the iQ that i prob wouldn’t have the time to watch them anyway!
    the only thing i do record is survivor! i’ve actually really gotten into it, and remember why its such a great program. still after 19seasons, it seems to be a completely different program, with new challengers and twists & turns. Great TV

  5. Spearmint is god awful and is complimented with an equally annoying host, tbh i preferred Magda as the overweight goofball on K&K but since she lost weight and everyone started talking about her I find she has become incredibly annoying.

  6. I think Ten need to take a leaf out of 20 to 1’s book and do an adults only version of The Spearman Experiment, which Magda could host half naked in a jacuzzi. Is anyone with me? No…?

  7. Yeh the topic on spearman was horrible last night, watched the first half of the show then turned off the tv.I mean what kind of a topic is “songs you’re embarrassed to have on you iPod”

    In other news, next week’s topic is “Show’s you’re embarrassed to have on your network”

  8. IMO TEN and Seven will fight it out for the 8:30 Tuesday time slot for the rest of the year. I just hope TEN doesn’t leave us hanging with a couple of eps of NCIS at the end of the year like they normally do! I also think they should have NCIS LA on after the original Tuesdays (like in the US) Freeing up Wednesday for other shows like L&O UK and House.

  9. Nine News led with coverage of the explosive parliamentary inquiry into the McGurk murder, had an exclusive interview with a made-over and more subdued Belinda Neale, and a big slab of NRL. I’m guessing the NRL is helping Nine at the moment.

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