Footy Shows draw 1.2m

aflsNine pulled a huge audience on Thursday night, thanks largely to its annual (AFL) Footy Show extravaganza.

Shows by both codes combined to a huge 1.2m viewers. In Melbourne, where it aired at 8:30pm it attracted 583,000. The Player Revue, including with Shane Crawford dressed as P!nk, was another crowd pleaser. Nine took the evening with a whopping 34.9% share -more than 10% clear of Seven.

Glee‘s second episode landed at 976,000. Despite winning key demo groups, it wasn’t quite the figure that matched the expense of bringing so many of the cast here. Still, it’s early days and those kind of investments do resonate long term. Rush took 1m with tough competition in its hometown.

Gary Unmarried was again tricky for Seven, at 823,000, proving the network was right to pull it from future schedules.

Week 39


  1. First time I’d tuned into the show (Chris Isaak fan, not into footy) and I’ve got to say I was disappointed.

    The hosts are not comedians – too crude and lowbrow to be funny. They should stick to talking footy only and get some pro’s in. Plenty of talent around.

    The backroom shots of the bimbos hanging around were also embarrassing to watch. What year is it, Melbourne? 1970?

    I agree it’s weird how men dressing as women seems so hilarious. And what about Sam interviewing mentally disabled people for us to have a laugh at? Is that legal?!

    The Sydney Footy Show was better, though its cred has been destroyed thanks to Andrew John’s disgusting offscreen behaviour.

    Anyway, Chris was cool, as always!

  2. The AFL Footy Show GF has always been on at 8.30 in previous years, another silly WIN TV decision. All they care about is ratings, explaining why they also randomly ripped off shows such as Big Bang Theory and Drop Dead Diva for conservative and boring alternatives like Animal Emergency and Mentalist repeats. WIN SA and WA are just clueless.

  3. David, Here in Brisbane, TV guides had it at 11.30pm. But of course the rugby show runs over as does the late news. It ended up starting around 12.30am and despite starting an hour late, supposedly running from 12.30-3.30 (originally scheduled 11.30-2.30). It ended up running from 12.30ish to 3am. What the?

  4. ….and despite them saying on all the 9 footy shows in the last week it would be on at 8.30, what do we get in Perth…. yep, on at 9.30 after a repeat of 20 to 1 !!!! Why couldn’t it have been on live on 9HD, delayed on 9SD like the Brownlow on 7 on Monday – or is that too much creative thinking !

    Ever since WIN took over here, it’s been a constant stream of programming screw ups, technical mistakes etc etc The only thing they have done right is put the State of Origin at a decent time. “Still the 1” seems a long long time ago……

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