Gone: Sunny in Philadelphia, Trinny & Susannah. Bumped: Scrubs, Saved.

it_s_always_sunny_in_philadelphiaQuite a few programming changes through today from Seven, impacting particularly on late night shows.

It’s bad news for fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia now out of schedule. It will be replaced by a double repeat of Boston Legal, effective next week. Last night the US comedy took 114,000, less than half Boston‘s 350,000.

Saved also moves to midnight Tuesdays (or 12am Wednesdays to be correct) from next week.

Plans to return Trinny & Susannah are now out, replaced by double Scrubs repeats. As a result the medical sitcom is out on Wednesdays, effective tomorrow, shifting to Tuesdays from next week.

Double eps of My Name is Earl run from 9:30pm tomorrow night.

If anybody cares I Can Make You Thin is also out.

Updated: TV Tonight hears Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be back in October.


  1. I really can’t understand the logic behind removing an excellent and innovative comedy like IASIP and replacing it with repeats?

    Surely the post 11pm slot isn’t that mission criitcal?

  2. Big shame about I Can Make You Thin.

    A show that actually helps overweight people lose weight (was working for me anyway) gets pulled, but uselss brain dead shows still remain on air.

    They didnt even give it a fair go- of course you’ll get bad ratings when you constantly change when the show is on last minute, so even when people want to watch it they dont know when its on.

  3. What series of Trinny & Susannah did they pull? I love T&S! They’re doing an American series..is this what Ch7 was going to air?
    Although, I have to admit, I do love Scrubs!

  4. what is with all the repeats? they must be deliberately holding off on stargate atlantis for the second SD station because they have had heaps of opportunities to put it on the main channel. it rents really well at my video store, there is an audience for this show and 7 could have capitalised on it a few years ago, who knows how many are left now.

  5. I was just getting into Always Sunny and now it’s gone, well might be back in Oct, Boston Legal is good but why double eps of a show that is now gone. Why not start a 2nd SD like GO! and put it on there?

    So Saved is moved to Tuesday night (Wed morning) this is it’s 3rd move in 9 eps, I think there were only 13eps made…

  6. I have given up on FTA TV.. I have ordered Season 4 and 5 of “Sunny in Philadelphia” from Amazon so I can actually watch them! I discovered this show only recently and love it, it’s like Seinfeld on crack they called it!

    Also I had to resort to buying Go Girls on DVD from NZ and I have to say what a great show that is too, if only networks would give them a chance at a proper time slot and not the graveyard shift and then pull it because it wasn’t getting high enough ratings.. What do they expect??

  7. I really enjoyed Sunny in Philadelphia. It takes a while to get used to.

    It is manic, has deliberately unpleasant characters and goes to extreme absurd places.

  8. IASIP is a great show, but I already saw those eps this time last year. Seven are way behind. And this ludicrous war between the nets as to who comes out on top in the 11.30pm timeslot is a sign of the state of FTA. Its a shame when they’re so obsessed in winning the demo/TP/timeslot/day/week that quality shows get shafted.

    And I take it this won’t make it to printed guides in time. Gotta love these knee-jerk reactions.

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