Hey Hey back in Studio 9

Daryl Somers, John Blackman, Red Symons, Wilbur Wilde, Molly Meldrum Livinia Nixon and Russell Gilbert walked back into Studio 9 to a standing ovation.

hh1Hey Hey its Saturday is back on the air, or at least reunited, as Daryl Somers, John Blackman, Red Symons, Wilbur Wilde, Molly Meldrum, Livinia Nixon and Russell Gilbert walked back into Studio 9 to a standing ovation from its diehard fans.

After ten years off air the show  is back to remind its fans how it tickled their funny bone for 28 years.


















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  1. Congrats to Daryl and the whole team.The show was great it felt it had never left our screens,awesome look forward to next week guys.Those who were negative,just remember this show was around for 29 years,then they decided to part ways.Mainly because of a money issue,which i believe will be the main question whether or not it will appear permantley next year.As i know ratings won’t be a problem with these two shows

  2. It was interesting to watch. I’d probably watch it if they put it back on full time (which I bet they will). They all haven’t chande to much. Daryl is still as funny as a wet fart. He was always the weakest link on this show, but I guess its his show and that’s that.

  3. I have always loved Hey Hey it’s Saturday & I was so upset when the show ended a few years ago. It took me forever to get over it & I have always wished that it would come back on tv. There is hardly any good quality Aussie programs on tv anymore & thank God Hey Hey is trying to make a return. I hope Daryl & all the Hey Hey team are back to stay for many more years to come.
    It was a fantastic show tonight & i can’t wait for next weeks show.
    Thanks Hey Hey for a great night of pure entertainment!

  4. Just finished watching hey hey here in west oz, Loved it! We all sat down to watch including my 20 year old son, he loved it as well. It was well done, fast moving and just so good to see back on tv. I dont think it would work every week but maybe just a few episodes a year would be good.. Cant wait to see the ratings for this show.

  5. i really enjoy it, i hope it does well for 9 and they could bring it back over summer and if it does really really good it could return next year, i was a bit to young to remember hey hey and i wasn’t going to watch it but i decided to and now im really happy i did, looking forward to it next week. just wished it was in HD.
    For anyone who missed it the replay is Saturday night at 9:30pm.

  6. It was fantastic although rusty. It’s a segment in Australian television that has been missing for a while. It was a hit on Saturday and hopefully it returns to Saturdays. The thing that will make it fresh is the new celebrities coming in every week to promote something. The problem with Rove for example is that he interviews someone for 3-4 minutes and then lets them go on their way. Watch Letterman, Conan or anyone else in the states to see how to do an interview.

  7. Brilliant, admittedly I was a bit skeptical but honestly it just flowed fairly well and had enough of the old school Hey Hey elements to keep it interesting!

    Loved it, 9 have to bring this back!

    Daryl barely lost a step – take note 7pm Project This is how you do Live TV.

  8. @ camo

    So what if you dont like a show i am sure we heard about it somewhere. Its my opinion.

    It was ok but i am just over it. I just couldnt stand another minute. I was over it years ago. Its time to move on. Oh and just think if this gets full order, Molly and Red are contracted to Channel Seven and there is no way in hell would Seven allow them to do this on a continual basis. Sure a couple of specials my be good but in the long run it would get very tired very quickly. This was a hit and probably will be tonight but it belongs in the past now.

  9. Was great! Hopefully it makes a permanent return. Looking forward to Ossie next week, and I heard Daryl mention Lano and Woodley would be on next week. I remember at times when they would host the show. Would be great if the show does come back permanently they could rejoin and actually host the show from time to time.

  10. What a fantastic show! Undoubtedly, the best thing that has happened to australian television in a very long time. It is the kind of stuff that we should be tuning into every single week.

    I’m preparing myself for a very long second show next week. Even though they packed so much stuff into tonight’s show, there was a lot of regular segments still missing, plus some other stuff that they mentioned at the end.

    Next week, we can all look forward to Harry Connick Jr., What Cheeses Me Off, Media Watch Press, Phunny Fotos, Red Faces, Jacki McDonald, Ossie Ostrich…

    …and what I’m sure will be another long and emotional farewell at the end…

    …even though we all know that tonight’s show has promised Nine an offer that nobody could refuse.

    Channel Nine, please bring back Hey Hey It’s Saturday. We all know that it won’t last another 28 years (at least the version we saw tonight) but even one whole year’s worth of new shows on a Saturday night will be good enough for me. Just enough episodes to show Australia what television should be doing nowadays.

    All those people who did not like the show, you obviously haven’t got a heart. I can understand if you went to watch Masterchef, which is extremely fine by me, it’s also a fantastic show. But anyone who hated tonight’s Hey Hey, should go back where they came from.

    Welcome Back Hey Hey! You rock!

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