Hey Hey its Tuesday September 29th

heyheyHey Hey its Saturday will return to screens at 7:30pm Tuesday September 29th.

A second reunion special will follow on Tuesday October 6th, just short of a 10 year absence off air.

The Hey Hey Facebook page told its member the news today. The fansite was instrumental in gathering support for the show’s return.

The mid-week return confirms an earlier report by TV Tonight in July that the show would return as a Tuesday special around early October.

Nine has now confirmed the airdate. So far Red Symons, John Blackman, Wilbur Wilde, Russell Gilbert and Livinia Nixon are confirmed alongside Daryl Somers, notes news.com.au. Seven is believed to have prevented Molly Meldrum from appearing due to his contract with the network.

So far Ernie Carroll, aka Ossie Ostrich is not confirmed. Jackie McDonald reportedly declined when the specials were announced in July.

Red Faces, Celebrity Head, Wot Cheezes Me Orf, Media Watch and Phunny Fotos are also returning in the live to air specials.

The Tuesday night move is designed to undermine strong programming by rival networks including TEN’s Spearmen Experiment and Seven’s Packed to the Rafters.

The show is being trialled to see how well it is performs, with a view to a renewed series.

A website for tickets is now online, and is also asking for Red Faces contestants.


  1. Looking forward to it.But i think it’s about time to put that constant bagging of Daryl to bed.He is a great host,ashame some of you don’t relise that,he has always been a easy target and lets face it you never hear anything mentioned about Andrew O’Keefe he dos’nt deserve to be on television.The show will still do well overall even if half of the show is screening against the fuzzy reception of Packed To The Rafters

  2. I wonder if generation Y will be ready for John Blackman’s obvious toilet humor and homophobic comments. That’s even if they tune in.

    I loved Hey Hey when it was shown on Saturday? mornings.
    That was some time ago….

  3. No Ozzie. No Jackie. No way. And as for Livinia Nixon???? She was one of the many reasons I tuned out. Common token blond IMO. I am sure she excels in her weather presenting job. Is Ding Dong still alive? Even she was not that integral to the show. Jackie was even if she was not there for many many years I loved her.

  4. Lucy, the only way it’s beating Rafters is if Seven chickens out and pulls Rafters for the week for some kind of “special” designed to fail. I hope they stay strong.

  5. I want to record it (just to have it) but the only catch is I’m also recording the Rafters each week and now East-West, and I don’t have a 3rd recorder… maybe PttR will be a re-run to help me out or Nine will (and should) re-run this later in the week after, maybe on GO! Saturday night…

  6. Like to also add….

    I use to love the A- Team as a kid. Absolutely loved it. My best show. Watched it on DVD a few weeks back – what happened to it – it was very ordinary. They must have changed it. No, I was 12 years old at the time. Same with hey hey……..

  7. Hey Hey was a light saturday show for kids. tuesday nights is a heavy night for adults. This has disaster written all over it.

    Red Symons, John Blackman, Wilbur Wilde, Russell Gilbert and Livinia Nixon are confirmed alongside Daryl Somers – no surprises there.

  8. According to the linked news.com.au article, you can only apply for tickets via snail mail! How 1990’s!

    Next we will be told the show will be in 4:3 (perhaps only on analogue too) just like in 1999.

    I’ll probably record it. Watch the start, skip through the rest and wonder why they even bothered.

    No peoplemeter at my place, so it wont affect the ratings either way.

    They are also taking submissions for What Cheeses Me Off.

    Lets see… “What Cheeses Me Off is when a old TV celebrity still lives so far in the past that he’s lost touch with reality”

  9. Reckon they’d do better starting from scratch again if they do end up reviving it as a series, i.e. start with the morning show. New cast, fresh running gags. Maybe a bit of John Blackman in addition to Red Faces and chook lotto. That’s plenty of continuity.

    Then again, I actually couldn’t give a rats. I won’t be watching the specials. I shouldn’t even be commenting. Oops. Sorry.

  10. Ugh. I think I stopped finding Hey-Hey funny around the time I hit ten years old (which was a good eight years before the show ended). What next? Are we going to see grass-roots campaigns to revive The Mike Walsh Show? Blankety Blanks? Keynotes? Chopper Squad? (oh, that’s right, Nine already did that with Sea Patrol…)

    Let’s be really cutting-edge and revive The Bob Morrison Show! C’mon Nine!

    Yeah, Catherine Deveny’s going to have another column-worth of material here, that’s for sure!

  11. It will be good as a retrospective look back kind of special, i don’t see it working on a full time basis for today’s audience, especially a tuesday audience. I adored the show in my youth, i thought the later years were still good (despite being able to tell it was winding down), i didn’t like some of the additions towards the end (ie: Penne Dennison).

    I think the segments will hold up well, who doesn’t love the standard Plucka Duck appearance and Red Faces ? However the personalities may not be as engaging. I say this only because my opinion of Daryl Somers has changed over the years, thanks to his DWTS hosting (i can do without seeing him using a childish voice while talking to the camera as it pans in towards him etc).

  12. Regardless of Rafters (which I love), Hey Hey will get great ratings I suspect because of the nostalgia factor. We can always have a good laugh at how old everyone’s looking, except for Ossie who probably won’t have aged a day (with a good dust off!).

  13. I am glad that Hey Hey is coming back, even if it is for only 2 specials. However, I would have like to see it air on Saturdays at 6.30pm so I don’t have to watch the so called funniest home videos show. lol

  14. they should have tried it on saturday after all it is hey hey its saturday and it would have stood a chance of doing alright on saturday on tuesday however it almost definatly wont stand a chance of coming close to beating PTTR

  15. A new version of Hey Hey could work and could get tested on GO, but not with Daryl or any other previous members fronting it, as they’re too old. It’d need a whole new cast of younger faces to appeal to new viewers

  16. Andrew Brogan, no, you’re not the only one who remembers the horror of the last years of the dying Hey Hey.

    I’d put real money on the fact that this doesn’t stand a chance in hell up against Rafters, by the way.

    Oh, Nine. Oh dear.

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