Idol struggles to stay relevant

Even with Suzi Quatro and no dancing celebrities, Australian Idol couldn't crack the 1m mark.

sq2Even with Suzi Quatro Australian Idol couldn’t crack the 1m mark last night -and it had no dancing celebrities to contend with either.

Idol now has a fight on its hands to stay relevant, and to fend off suggestions that dumping Kyle Sandilands was a mistake.

The Top 11 show, in which Ashleigh Toole was sent home, took 990,000 viewers, beaten by Border Security (1.54m), The Force (1.52m), Domestic Blitz, Sunday Night (both 1.24m) and Stephen Fry in America (1.11m).

Midsomer Murders (1.36m) defeated Rescue: Special Ops (1.01), Seven’s Bourne Ultimatum movie (965,000) and Rove (816,000), which was the top show for the night in 16-39yos.

Nine News also had a rare win over Seven News.

As expected just 396,000 sampled Nurse Jackie in its late timeslot, behind Little Britain USA’s 537,000.

Wipeout took a big 248,000 on GO!

Quatro, who according to reports in the weekend newspapers was even offered a permanent judging gig on Idol, proved a spirited judge even if her vocal performance seemed a little under the weather.

Week 38

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  1. Don’t usually watch the show but Suzi was Great as was her advice to the contestants! -[ hopefully she punched out whoever cut her retro mullet ] – but yeah, the show Really Sucks as it has No interest in fostering Real talent!

  2. I don’t like the fact that there is only one show a week now. It also sucks for the person who is leaving doesn’t get told after the voting closes but instead has to perform a whole week for a song that they don’t even have them perform, but instead perform what they performed last (and got the least votes for).

  3. Australia doesn’t have (never did and never will) the population to support an Aus Idol show annually, but it’d work better every 2 years. In terms of success, it’s true Aus Idol’s winner track record is essentially a joke (excluding Guy Sebastian, Ricky Lee, Jess Mauboy, some may say Shannon Noll to a lesser extent), but so is Am Idol’s current one (excluding Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks).

  4. I don’t watch this crap anymore, haven’t since season 2, but i heard it on in the other room last night and it was absolutely terrible. DWTS they’re not dancers so you don’t expect them to be good, Idol they’re meant to be singers but they can’t sing at all. It was hard to listen to they were that bad.

    It’s ironic that Idol is now irrelevant, dead in the water, hopefully soon axed, but the #1 song in the country belongs to Guy Sebastian, Idol’s first winner.

  5. If the numbers stay this dire I’d say axe the show. I don’t think the contestants are that bad but audiences are just tiring of the format. I’m only interested in Idol this year because last year I gave up on the show. Plus lead-in reliant Rove isn’t being helped. The problem with axing Idol is that they have 2 hours and ten minutes of television to fill for a third of the year with untested content. Whatever new show(s) they come up with may be the new MasterChef but also may be another Guerilla Gardeners.

  6. Problem number 1: The target audience would be thinking “Susie Who???”
    Problem number 2: The new “industry” judge is unappealing!
    Problem number 3: The contestants are all mediocre, uncharismatic, and uninspiring singers … they should not be in the “top” anything … and that is 10’s Big problem … who cares if they get a contract, there are so many singers out there with much greater talent who never get a chance … and no-one will care if this lot all dissappear back into anonymity!

  7. Re Picture: Suzie Quatro’s glum tired expression reflects the state of Australian Idol. A series which lost credibility years ago with the failure of winning contestants translating into commercial successes. No matter how much they want to change our perception of this by bringing into the judging panel an industry person the problem remains. What compounds this problem further is that the judges are praising performances which are glaringly sub-standard.

    There is no short term fix to this problem. Idol needs to take at least a one or two year break or however long is needed for the talent pool to rejuvenate. Bring in entertaining judges and pick performers that look and sound good. If Idol does return next year its ratings will sag lower than Suzie Quatro’s cheeks.

  8. i havent watched idol since the episodes of kyle have been on, and i know of a number of people who have done the exact same thing.
    im glad the show is failing, its what TEN gets for f.cking with kyle fans !

  9. Suzi’s mullet was awful but she was a great guest judge. She (unlike Marcia) gave some constructive and honest feedback to the contestants. She was fantastic and the ones that actually listened to her were incredible. Sabrina’s version of “Numb” was wonderful

    Yes some are showing they will not last the distance namely Scott and possibly even Casey. Ashleigh was one of the great talents this year. The public voting are clearly the teens. They are voting based on looks not necessarily talent.

    Mark Holden should be recalled. He also gave good feedback and is way more entertaining to watch than JD. He really is boring.

    I think the loss of viewers also has to come down to people having alternative forms of entertainment these days internet, twitter, games consoles etc. TV is not the only form of entertainment now. Viewer numbers are unlikely to reach the lofty heights they used to.

    Will be so interesting to see Hey Hey’s ratings………….

  10. Thank goodness for Suzie Quatro.. I could only imagine what the contestants wouldve come out and done if she hadnt been there! It was a pretty good show and I hope for tens sake Idols ratings pick up.

  11. no doubt that its struggling big time and i has nothing to do kyle leaving. he should never have been put on he show in the first place. all it is,. is all the very good music talent in australia are realising idol isn’t worth the trouble and fiding better ways of getting noticed. idol is dead

  12. @Russell – “I know you don’t get the demos for shows David. But these headlines and stories are 10 years out of date. A show relevancy on Ten is decided by 18-49.No doubt Idol is down. No doubt at all. But Ten itself does not measure success in total people, but 18-49.

    @Russell, Idol did not win the 18-49 demo, does this mean it was still a success???

  13. Nothing to do with Vile’s exit – and everything to do with the contestant’s lack of skills and the judges ignorance of this fact. Last night they were sucking up to all of them (I assumed it was because they didn’t want to offend Suzi’s mentoring skills) when they all sounded Terrible!!

  14. @Marco… and dont forget to add to marcia’s list when they are exit .. “remember, darlin’ this is (pause).. only…..just… the… beginning” when in fact they are never heard of since!!

  15. I’m sorry – Suzie Quattro is relevant now? I’m 33 and I can tell you she’s before my time.

    I can’t see Idol lasting beyond this year now, It’s done, as for relevance – hasn’t been relevant since 2004 IIRC

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