Idol struggles to stay relevant

Even with Suzi Quatro and no dancing celebrities, Australian Idol couldn't crack the 1m mark.

sq2Even with Suzi Quatro Australian Idol couldn’t crack the 1m mark last night -and it had no dancing celebrities to contend with either.

Idol now has a fight on its hands to stay relevant, and to fend off suggestions that dumping Kyle Sandilands was a mistake.

The Top 11 show, in which Ashleigh Toole was sent home, took 990,000 viewers, beaten by Border Security (1.54m), The Force (1.52m), Domestic Blitz, Sunday Night (both 1.24m) and Stephen Fry in America (1.11m).

Midsomer Murders (1.36m) defeated Rescue: Special Ops (1.01), Seven’s Bourne Ultimatum movie (965,000) and Rove (816,000), which was the top show for the night in 16-39yos.

Nine News also had a rare win over Seven News.

As expected just 396,000 sampled Nurse Jackie in its late timeslot, behind Little Britain USA’s 537,000.

Wipeout took a big 248,000 on GO!

Quatro, who according to reports in the weekend newspapers was even offered a permanent judging gig on Idol, proved a spirited judge even if her vocal performance seemed a little under the weather.

Week 38

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  1. Well well well, now it is all clear to me. We have a new judge Jay Dee on one hand & Dicko on the other. Kicking out Kyle & Holden just shows how those two wanted it all to themselves. JD isn’t much of a chop to watch, Dicko isn’t much better unless he is arguing with Holden. Bringing Susie Q on the show helped very little although her comments were worthy. The Nanny Fine look a like contestant is the one to look for. Over all the show has to be more honest with the contestants.

  2. Jack was saying the target audience would be saying Suzi who ?
    In that case it’s great they are being educated about past Superstars, instead of the manufactured “here today gone tomorrow’ artists
    BTW – People that think the fall in ratings is attributable to Kyle Sandilands departure must have rocks in their head.
    His radio ratings dived today.

  3. We expect too much of Idol. Ten could arrange for more experienced, working musicians to come into the show but if they’re not interested in doing that, we’re going to get a lot of people on L plates who needs nurturing. I don’t mind that (I do wonder at the choices of final 12 sometimes!) Some uncut diamonds are going to be discovered and I’m happy to sit through some mediocrity and see if I can spot one.

    It might help Idol’s standing if a finalist made it big overseas. Viewers might see the value in it. Lisa Mitchell might be the first contestant to really make it big. She took off overseas, worked hard and it’s paying off. Guy certainly could, but he’d need to put in the overseas time. Jessica might have a go.

    And that’s another thing. There are many contestants who’ve gone on to make decent careers after Idol. Jessica has had a run of hits lately, Guy has the number one song currently, and others are doing well. I thought the show would have mentioned these successes over the last couple of weeks as a reminder to some viewers that might not be aware, that yes, this show is worthwhile.

    I’d like to see Idol keep going. And I wish we also had a show like Jools Holland (ABC2).

  4. Sad to read so much negativity towards Suzi.She has gone out of her way when she could have been relaxing in her hotel suite.I agree that it is a silly choice to use her as a judge as she would not be known to the relevant audience of today.I have met her personally & she is a lovely person to talk to.Why not have “aussies” judging.Bring some of the past idols back,Anthony,Jessica even Casey to share their experiences.For me Idol looks very tired.The sets are boring & unfortuanetly so are the contestants.I really believe that most of them are picked for their looks,nothing more.It’s time to go……..
    Sadly Ten will do the same with Masterchef.

  5. @ Ellie

    So all shows that do not win their timeselots are not successes?

    I’d imagine Idol is still one of the Top 15 18-49 shows on TV

    Far from it’s glory days yes, but not a disaster no.

  6. no matter what you all say….love it or hate it… idol wont be axed..
    think about it….. they are committed due to the fact its a competition and if they axed it they could land themselves into some legal problems….
    so u can say what u want but this show will stay until the grandfinal… then it will be axed!!

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