Jodi Gordon: photos yes, interviews no.

jgHome & Away actress Jodi Gordon is returning to the media spotlight following personal difficulties earlier this year.

Last week she appeared at a MAC Style Black cosmetics function.

One newspaper report quoted her as saying, “”I’m just having a nice night out catching up with friends,” before refusing to say more.

Tomorrow she will MC the latest a collection from Crystelle lingerie at a 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty event in the forecourt of Sydney’s Customs House.

Following the lingerie parade she will participate in a signing session in the Cosmo Fashion Café Marquee.

Publicists have invited cameras for the event, but tellingly there is a very stern directive:

“Vision and photographs only – no interviews available with Jodi Gordon.”


  1. JohnP, I choose not to have a selective memory and forget her entire history and focus on the one bad event like you. Is Jodi blaming the media for her actions? No. Is anyone here? No. She made a mistake, yes, but it doesnt unwrite her good actions in the past. She has dealt with the consequences of the alleged bikie night and taken the good and the bad publicity as it comes, but the event she’s attending is not about her, its about the product she’s representing so of course she’ll try to make sure that good publicity goes to them.

  2. Jodi is there to do a job, and that is to promote Crystelle. With the media’s fixation on her recent ‘lost weekend’ at the moment thats bound to be the first question on any journos list and will take attention away from the brand, so perhaps Crystelle is behind the interview ban. I quite like Jodi, and she will have to mention That night soon, as it’s the elephant in every room she enters, but there are better times to do it.

  3. @Joanne. Wasn’t she found in an alleged bikie members apartment by a police response squad (who was later jailed for a separate matter). Police let her off for making a false report. There were reports about cocaine allegedly being involved also. Selective reading perhaps?

    I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to be questioned by the media as a result (in an interview or otherwise). She had her looks and is making the most of them – good for her. There are plenty of us not in show business who deal with our “personal struggles” privately, take personal responsibility for actions/outcomes and don’t expect any special treatment, publicity like celebrities. Don’t blame the media for her actions.

  4. Camo, I’m sure Taylor Swift did not ask for Kanye West to ruin her moment, and steal the spotlight away from her. As for Jodi, well, she’s made mistakes, yes but sooner or later she’ll have to talk to the media.

  5. This is m problem with celebs.
    They want all the good “freebie” stuff but none of the bad.
    as i see it if you hawk yourself around wanting publicity and attention then pretty hard to “try and hide” when things go bad.

  6. yep Joanne, and thats what sells papers and magazines…sadly…. its a long debate that iam sitting on the fence for.. publicity good and bad is needed by anyone in a public profile, to remain in a public profile…just look at todays MTV awards, while at first glance the whole drama with the girl who won the award for best video looked like it was spontanious and shocking, but was it??? And iam sure miss Gordon has had her problems and they don’t deserve to be splashed around the tabloids, but until people stop buying the papers and magazines that publish these stopries, they will keep publishing these stories and pictures about these so called stars….Personally I would hate it, but what can you do.

  7. I have alot of respect for Jodi for the dedication she showed to her first boyfriend during his fight with lukemia. I suspect alot of her problems started with his death, but we’ll probably never hear about it because she’s one of the few stars who keep their private life, and their personal struggles private, untill its splashed all over the tabloids and out of her control. Consequently, the ban on interviews will be because their main focus will be on Jodi and her breakup with Stokes Jr, not the product she’s there to represent.

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