Lifestyle tipped for Seven digital

sevenlogoThe Australian Financial Review reports that Seven’s new digital channel is likely to be dominated by Lifestyle shows.

Seven executives have been telling media buyers the new channel will launch within three months.

The channel has previously been rumoured to be toying with possible names including 7Plus and Plus7.

Seven’s channel will be the last in the commercial channels to join the current Freeview suite, but ABC3 is coming, sometime after late November.



  1. I second Jerome’s comments.

    Note to others that it’s not necessarily viable for Seven to broadcast/rebroadcast everything they’ve currently got the rights to.

    Children are to be targeted by ABC3 and ABC2 daytime, 16-30 year olds by Go!, males by One, and a general audience by ABC2 primetime and the other FTAs. This leaves females and older people as less targeted demographics. A female skewed channel, not unlike like the main Seven channel and most of Seven’s magazines, seems likely.

    Note the moves Seven is making on pay TV via CMH. If Seven takes control of CMH, that would give it a 50% share of the How To Channel.

  2. tasmanian devil

    Correct me if I’m wrong David, but by 2013 ONE SD won’t cease to be necessary because not everyone will have a HD tuner, some will have a SD tuner and will therefore be unable to receive ONE HD.

  3. @ Jerome how about world’s strictest parents, border secuirty, the zoo, surf patrol, find my family, 000 heroes, rspca animal rescue and all those other crap factuals shoved down our throats why they might not be traditionally lifestlye programs i garantee you they will fall under the category of shows 7 will show on this main channel and thats just pathetic.

  4. Nice discussion people, I don’t mind a lfestyle channel but I think it will be more but think of it this way maybe they will move some of the current stuff on the main channel over to the 2nd SD freeing up space for new shows there.

    @KFed – as David said TEN has a 2nd SD it’s ONE SD. They just chose to have their HD a similcast of the 2nd SD and not their main channel. So until the rules are changed there will be no more new TEN channels.

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