Love sucks on Go!

vampired1GO! is gearing up for the Oz premiere of The Vampire Diaries by branding and distributing the rather cool poster shot for the new series by writer Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, Scream).

“Love Sucks” says the image….

The photo displays the three main characters Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). It was released at Comic Con in San Diego.

The series premieres in the US today and is expected on Nine in the first week of its official channel launch, October 4th.


  1. @allan – and there-in lies the problem,

    If they don’t promote them then how are people meant to know they are come or what Nine have planned? The only show they seem to be promoting is ‘Survivors’ which is just 6 parts and they aired on the BBC almost a year ago! They have 2.5 Men returning but noting is being fast tracked to reduce the impact of downloads. Sorry Nine you’ve lost be as a viewer.

  2. Craig – Nine have plenty of new shows coming out of the US, they just aren’t throwing promos into our face as much about them yet as Seven and Ten are.

  3. No Ben I haven’t missed the point, I get the need to try to entice people to switch over as I have, but we only have the main channels 7, 9, 10 sbs and abc1 and 2 and no time frame whatsoever for all the other Digital channels…So as stated once again we miss out..

  4. Well it’s no True Blood but I figure the intended audiences are somewhat different. I rather enjoyed it…a bit like Dawson’s Creek with vampires! And I love that Fray song they played at the end. The Vampire Diaries books did come before the Twilight books, but I’d say if it were not for the success of the Twilight books and the movie, this series would never have seen the light of day. Vampire series are probably a little prominent this year, but they have always been there…Buffy, Angel, Moonlight, Forever Knight, Dark Shadows…

  5. Just watched the pilot and while it’s much the same as we have come to expect for a teen drama it did have some nice parts and could work. BTW the book for VD was out well before the on for Twilight.

    I just hope there isn’t an over supply of vamp themed shows, once it used to be too many cop or medical dramas what’s the deal with all the vamps?

  6. Has Nine announce any new shows for the new US Fall season? We have TEN With NCIS, NCIS:LA and Nurse Jackie, Seven has Flashforward but Nine (Not GO!) has nothing.

    ITA it would be good if they could have put this on late night on Nine for those without access to GO!

  7. L Lawrenson – i think you are missing the point of having digitial only channels. It’s to entice people that have not already switched to take it up. GO! is available nationally so i dont think rural people are missing out on this…

  8. Once again a new show starts and those without access to the other digital channels other than the mainstream ones will miss out… Why don’t they show the Go programmes at different times on the main channel so everyone gets to see them…I know we live in a rural area and we don’t deserve to be part of the real world…

  9. Early reports out of the US are not good, but I’ll be watching it later this week end, why wait until the official launch (which should have been 9-9-09) they will loose any benefit of fast tracking if this became a cult hit.

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