1. Nana on the Couch

    Thankyou Andrew – well he could put his slippers near my bed pan anytime – we thought he might have retired but thanks for the update darling – he’d be welcome back in Cessnock with open arms, walking sticks included!

    Nana has spoken!

  2. @Nana (and Maude): Your dear Burgo was last heard in Melbourne doing breakfast radio. There must have been some mix up with the security system though because since the last ratings came out his key won’t let him in the building anymore.

  3. At least the golfer Lucas Parsons had the (golf) balls to audition against people with a passion and some ability, these no body wanna bees as usual cling onto the success of others to produce what looks like being rubbish unless the 3 judges are able to cut them to spreads (or slices?) when describing the rubbish they will dish up just after they say something rehearsed like “I’ve always had a passion but never had the time to try this before”.

  4. Jed, I think Simon Westaway was on Underbelly as Mick Gatto.
    Celebrity Masterchef will go for about 10 weeks. Anna Bligh was referring to the two days needed for the first round of heats.

  5. Nana on the Couch

    Nana here – not sure who half these celebrities are on Celebrity Masterchef – are they really celebrities or is someone pulling the wool over Nana’s eyes! Maude and I have been racking our brains all morning as to who some of these people are! We really must be behind the times in Cessnock – We still have the milk delivered down here you know!

    What about the lovely Adriana from Wheel of Fortune? – if she’s as good in the kitchen as she was on that letterboard with Burgo she’d win hands down. Speaking of Burgo we haven’t seen him since he last appeared at the RSL many years ago – is he still out there in TV land?

    Nana has spoken!

  6. Josh Thomas yay!! But who is Simon Westaway??

    So how many episodes witll there be?? How many weeks will run the show run for? Didn’t i hear Anna Bligh saying its just 2 days of shooting??

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