Merrick & Rosso to air in the UK

rossoFor the first time ever, Comedy Central ispicking up Australian programming, with Merrick & Rosso set to screen in the UK.

The 4-channel Comedy Central will air a one-hour TV special featuring highlights of their Foxtel series, The Merrick & Rosso Show. The deal will see the one-hour special aired on an unlimited rotation basis throughout November and December, reaching a potential audience of 10 million homes in the UK.

Sarah Farrell, Director of Content at Comedy Central (UK), said: “We’ve long been fans of Merrick & Rosso’s work and we’re really excited about being the channel that brings them to a UK audience – we know they’re going to love them as much as we do”.

Comedy Central (UK) also airs The Office, The Sarah Silverman Program, South Park and Chris Rock.

Next stop USA guys?


  1. There may be a couple of references per episode that would be baffling to a UK audience, but most would translate perfectly well.

    Frontline was merely an example of an Aussie comedy I’d be proud to send overseas. I find Merrick & Rosso painfully unfunny.

  2. @TheUglyBaby – Frontline would bomb even more there. It’s full of too many Aus-centric references that would fly over the heads of a good number of the audience.

    Much like when those UK-centric political comedy shows air here. You can’t tell me that you get more than half of those references.

  3. Next stop…cancelled. The show barely works here. It will totally bomb in the UK.

    Comedy Central UK should put their money toward a great Aussie comedy, like Frontline.

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