More love for Big Love soon

Big-LoveSBS has some enticing titles coming up in its last quarter and into 2010.

It includes the second season of local drama The Circuit starring Aaron Pedersen, to begin in the first week of December. The long-awaited third series of Big Love will return over summer. The network also has the free to air rights to the award-winning miniseries John Adams, about the second US president.

There’s also a second season for Paul Fenech’s Swift & Shift Couriers.

Supernatural series, True Horror, explores vampires, demons, witches and exorcism and James May has his own series with James May’s Big Ideas.

Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis celebrate their 100th episode of RocKwiz with the seventh series to kick off in early October.

Later, SBS also has the FA Cup final in May, FIFA World Cup in June and Tour de France in July.

Key titles for 09/10 include:

Drama, entertainment and lifestyle

The Circuit series two
City lawyer Drew Ellis leaves his wife and comfortable career to go bush in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, working for the Aboriginal Legal Service on The Circuit, a mobile magistrate’s court that travels the remote region to bring justice swiftly and effectively. The court must work between two very difference world as it balances white law with the traditional lore of the local aboriginal people.

John Adams
From HBO, this is a Golden Globe winning miniseries on the life of former US President John Adams and the first 50 years of the United States.

Big Love series three
This series continues to expose the complicated life of a polygamist (Bill Paxton) and his relationship with the three women, all whom he is married to.

The Fixer
Ex-special forces operative and convicted murderer John Mercer is awarded an early release from prison on the condition that he becomes an assassin for the government.

The Killing
This Danish crime drama centres of the murder of a young girl which prompts a police investigation with personal and political consequences.

Man Vs Wild
Part adventure, part reality TV, this Emmy nominated series sees host Bear Grylls push the envelope in unusual, ultra challenging death defying acts in the wild outdoors.

Swift & Shift Couriers series two
In an aim to annihilate Keith and Swift and Shift Couriers, Amanda sets up a rival courier company that books jobs through India and imports their cheap labour – on tuk tuks – to run the jobs in Australia! It is the usual familiar faces, disasters, stuff-ups and crazy driving. Mario is still stalking Melissa in hope of winning her back and, last but not least, someone at Swift and Shift Couriers is getting married and everyone is attending.

Gourmet Farmer
Food critic Matthew Evan’s philosophy is that to really know and trust our food, we need to have an association ― or at least knowledge of ― those who grow or rear it for us. This series follows Evans on a project to find and settle into a farm in rural Tasmania and rear pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks and grow a range of fresh produce to cook, eat and sell. To succeed he must learn to rear animals, plant a fruitful garden and learn to cook with a wood-fired oven. He visits food producers from around the state to learn their practices and discover what makes good food so he can raise quality produce himself.

Italian Food Safari
Food Safari series one to three mercurial host Maeve O’Meara adds some spice from legendary Melbourne chef, author and commentator Guy Grossi this series. Maeve has always been the passionate observer and ever curious kitchen hand. Guy’s strengths lie in decades of cooking and deep love of Italian cuisine. Aside from being able to translate trade secrets and coax long lost cooking tips from besotted nonnas, he is supremely qualified as our experts’ expert. Their mission is to discover the best of all Italian-Australian cooking

RocKwiz series seven
Hosted by the charming and popular Julia Zemiro, RocKwiz continues to bring music trivia and entertainment to Australian audiences. In this season the show reaches its milestone 100th episode.


Secrets and Lives
A fascinating new documentary strand, Secrets and Lives will take viewers into the fascinating, compelling and entertaining world of Australia’s real life characters. Some stories are dramatic, real life soap operas that show a gripping Australian subculture, others are stories about passionate people tackling major social issues of our time.

Trawlermen series three
If you think your job is tough, watch this program! This series, which documents the daily life of commercial fisherman, offers a truly remarkable and fascinating insight into human endurance and bravery.

Heston’s Feast
History meets food, meets science, in this fascinating UK series that re-creates famous historical feasts in no simple manner.

James May’s Big Ideas
Join popular Top Gear host James May as he travels the world to find the newest forms of transport, robot technology and energy sources.

True Horror
True Horror is a factual supernatural documentary series that explores vampires, demons, witches and exorcism.

This new Australian quiz show plays comedians against history buffs to discover if academics can be funny and if comedians know anything about history.

Tour de France
For the 20th consecutive year, SBS will feature every stage of the historic cycling tour event ― Live.

FIFA World Cup
From South Africa, SBS will showcase the pinnacle event for world football across SBS ONE, SBS TWO and online at from 11 June. SBS’s broadcast will feature LIVE match coverage, replays, highlights and a daily World Cup Show.

UEFA Champions League
SBS recently signed a new three year deal for the prestigious European club tournament. The network will broadcast the best games each match week across both SBS ONE & TWO channels with highlights, news and updates at

UEFA Europa League
Formerly the UEFA Cup the 2009/2010 competition has been revived and, for the first time, this season SBS will broadcast from the group stage and deliver more club football than ever before.

FA Cup final
After 10 months of intense football battles, the FA Cup, the longest running club competition, will come to a climax LIVE on SBS 15 May, 2010.


  1. David,

    I look forward to your updates. I was not having a go at you or this site.
    If anything, I am let down by the Swift and Shift Facebook page which gave fans false hope that S&S 2 would appear in September or October 2009.

    Some of us are just crying out for a good Aussie laugh instead of all this Oz drama/panel show crap seen at present!

  2. David Knox,

    When you say some of these shows are coming “into 2010”, with Swift and Shift Couriers series 2, a trustworthy tv-person tells me it will not air until April 2010. Which is a long, way too long, seven months away.
    David, If you have info suggesting it will air sooner than that, please let us know about it.

    • John as the story indicated these shows listed are for late 2009 and first part of 2010. April would seem to fall into that. You can also see even the FA Cup was listed for May. When I get actual dates shows are filed separately as per East West 101, ADbc etc.

  3. I loved swift and shift and bogan pride and always looked forward to shameless on Monday Nights with SBS.I hope all of these come back for 2010.
    Another thing stop trying to shove old South Park Episodes on in an attempt to compete against Nine’s Movies and Ten’s Good News Week and Whatever 7 and the ABC show in the same one hour timeslot It won’t work I switched to GNW once and will do so again from Monday.

  4. Has there been any indication from SBS regarding the broadcast of UK mini-series “Dead Set”, which had been mentioned earlier in the year (or have I missed it)?

  5. Hooray for Big Love and The Circuit returning. It has been a long wait. Glad I can finally see John Adams too. Did SBS ever get around to screening Little Mosque on the Prairie?

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