MyStar HD launching November 15

Austar joins the Pay TV upgrade with 15 new channels, 13 HD channels and 8 timeshift channels.

mystar-hdAustar announced today that its Next Generation television product will be launched to customers on November 15th.

In announcing its new MyStar HD PVR, Austar will deliver 15 new standard definition channels: AlJazeera, Lifestyle You, 13th Street, The Style Network, CBeebies, Kids Co, BBC Knowledge, Turbo Max, Nat Geo Wild, FMC (Families Movie Channel), Starpics, Showtime Action, Showtime Comedy, Showtime Drama and Eurosport.

There will be 13 new high definition channels: FOX8, W, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, 2 & 3, UKTV, Showtime Premiere, Showcase, Showtime Action, Movie One, Starpics 1, Starpics 2 and 8 additional timeshift channels (Discovery, 111 Hits, Lifestyle You, Lifestyle FOOD, TurboMax, SciFi, StarPics Two, Showcase 2).

The MyStar HD will entail a subscription increase of $5 per month.

Speaking at a briefing this morning, Mr John Porter, Austar’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “On November 15, television in regional Australia will fundamentally change for the better. After more than 18 months of product development, the new Austar television product will be launched to existing and new customers alike. It will deliver outstanding new content, greater choice and compelling value, and a comprehensive High Definition (HD) offering with 13 of our best subscription channels plus local free-to-air channels available in beautiful HD picture quality.

“MyStar HD will be the ultimate solution for digital television, allowing customers to access not only all of their local channels, but the best that Austar has to offer, with an expanded 320GB hard drive for more recording and a future proof design that allows us to add more services in the future.

“From 15 November, sport and movie lovers in particular will simply have to have Austar: 6 HD movie channels and 4 HD sports channels will revolutionise the way regional Australians watch movies and sports.”

Further new channels and product enhancements would be available early 2010, including:

• Austar On Demand for MyStar customers;
• an Austar catch-up TV service available via broadband;
• further SD and HD channels;
• significant interactive service enhancements;

Mr Porter continued, “We believe that Austar HD is a world class product, not only in terms of the quality of the channels being broadcast in HD, but also in terms of our value for money pricing approach. For only an incremental $5 per month, MyStar HD customers will be able to access whatever HD channels are available in the tiers they already purchase.”

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  1. I won’t be upgrading to Austar HD until they give me the option to upgrade without their s****y $14.95 MyStar HD which I don’t even need. I already have a DVR and I doo not want to pay $14.95 extra for something I don’t need or want!!!

  2. @Russell – which is a problem as I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to record shows to DVD to keep, besides the built in HDD is just way too small.

    I wonder how long before I’m forced to get MyStar as for me it’s means I’ll probably watch less TV not more.

  3. Looks like Austar has a agreement to carry the BBC channels.

    As my Dad is a Austar suscriber, we’re going to be impressed by the new offerings.

    Also looks like Austar is doing its own version of Foxtel Download-and like that one, likely for PC only.

  4. All sounds good in theory. How many of those HD channels will have all HD programming I wonder. Or the same programme rpeated over and over. If it works though regional viewers could at last get decent HD content, seeing the FTA channels have made a total mess of it.

  5. I honestly think Austar should consider a standalone HD box, building on the MyStar architecture, which allows two HD tuner operation (one for FTA and one for the subscription services) and is a cheaper alternative to upgrading to MyStar HD.

    That’s where Foxtel is being left behind, as Austar never needs to sign any expensive retransmission agreements, as the MyStar and MyStar HD doubles as a digital set top box, and picks up local channels.

  6. Craig. I suspect you won’t be able to get a non DVR version of the HD channels.
    The industry shift is to migrate everyone to DVR hardware.
    People with DVRs watch more TV. More time spent watching TV = more revenue for the industry.

  7. Finally Austar is catching up but what I want to know is will you have to get MyStar to get HD? will there be a non MyStar version of HD to get the channels without paying for a recorder I don’t want or need?

    Also on that will I be able to hook up my DVD recorder to put movies on DVD that I want to keep, even thought that is the exact reason they have put in the digital lock to stop people doing that?

    And will the time-shift channels be available to non HD users? So many things we need answers for.

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