Nine pumps up the Jam

jamTiming is everything in television and it seems there’s nothing like Money for Jam in times of economic crisis.

Nine’s new infotainment show pulled an impressive 1.32m viewers last night, not just winning its timeslot, but already surpassing anything it had on air last week. That has to be good news for a network struggling to get its new shows to fire.

Together with Two and a Half Men and RPA, Nine managed to clinch the night by a slim 0.1% from Seven (of course GO! is in there too).

The news was bad for TEN with a repeat Simpsons at 8pm its top show for the night on 790,000. The 7pm Project was outside the top #30 shows for the night on a dreadful 602,000 -that’s 88,000 viewers behind Neighbours. Tonight the show reveals the Celebrity MasterChef cast in a one hour edition.

TEN finished the night behind the ABC.

For Seven, Seven News (1.55m) again blitzed Nine News (1.1m).

Over on ABC2 Junkyard Wars took 165,000 while Fringe had 84,000 viewers on GO!

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  1. tasmanian devil

    I’m confused. So did you “photoshop” the two images together or did you take a photo of them together? Are they ads from a magazine and you just stuck them onto a jar or are they some kind of merchandise?

  2. David, I’d love it if you showed us every now and again the promotional trinkets the networks send you – do it as a regular feature/disclosure/public service!

  3. Appreciate seeing the 2nd-Ch VS 2nd-CH figures David…. Please keep them coming, including ONE and SBS2… This is indeed an interesting time in Aussie FTATV …

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