Nine wins the week

2mHaving two and a half channels proved a winner for Nine in Week 37. Seven’s lack of a digital channel lost it the week by the slimmest of margins to Nine -just 0.2%. The extra share from GO!, which is added to Nine’s primary share,  helped it win a week in which its biggest audience was 1.33m, a far cry from figures on Seven.

Nine won with 28.1% over Seven’s 27.9% and TEN’s 20.8%. The ABC had 17.3% and SBS 5.8%.

Nine won all three demo groups 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. In Total People it was first on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Seven won Sunday, Tuesday, Friday. Seven finished first in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth while Nine took Sydney and Brisbane.

In digital channels GO! finished with 2.1% over ABC2’s 1.4%, 1.0% for ONE and 0.3% for SBS TWO.

It was Monday’s episode of A Current Affair that attracted the biggest audience of the week for Nine at 1.33m. Also floating to the top were Two and a Half Men, Nine News (Sunday), 60 Minutes, The Farmer Wants a Wife and 20 to 1. Regular raters Domestic Blitz and Getaway were this week whacked by tough competition. Rescue: Special Ops was also against stiff competition but it seems clear the audience doesn’t want rescuing on a Sunday night. Too soon to brand Money for Jam a hit following a significant drop in its second week, down to 1.09m suggesting it enjoyed a curiosity factor in its first week. Several episodes of Mornings with Kerri-Anne hovered around the 100,000 mark, rising to 153,000 on Friday. Wipeout was tops on GO! at 205,000 and the Lord of the Rings movie night on Friday appeared to work.

This week Packed to the Rafters managed a dominant 1.91m viewers as the week’s #1 show. Seven’s other performers included Seven News, Dancing with the Stars, Today Tonight, City Homicide, World Food Spectacular, World’s Strictest Parents, Home and Away and at least two AFL matches. All Saints still pulls 1.16m in a 9:30 timeslot. Thursdays are still problematic at Seven, now with Gary Unmarried dropping to 753,000 -if the network has the patience can the J-Curve kick in? The final TV Burp finished with 593,000 while Double Take is down to 441,000, less than half The Footy Show. The Monday night doco Relentless Enemies didn’t perform with 891,000 -even Beyond the Darklands (1.04m) ranked higher at 9:30. Seven was third on Saturday.

Not much good news this week at TEN except for the terrific result from Hamish and Andy’s Caravan of Courage at 1.3m viewers on Thursday. It’s other two scorers were AFL with 1.2m and Rush on 1.13m. Elsewhere it was almost universally disappointing around the rest of the schedule. Despite a big 28% share for Saturday, TEN had four nights under the 20% mark, quite unacceptable in the marketplace. Australian Idol levelled out at 883,000 against Dancing‘s finale. For the premiere of The Spearman Experiment 1.03m sampled Magda’s other funny bits. Poor word of mouth suggests it will be lucky to come close this week. It even dragged down NCIS repeats. Worth noting that Good News Week rose above its lead in Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? On Friday TEN didn’t improve after its TEN News at Five.

It was a cool 1.44m for Spicks and Specks‘ 200th episode at the ABC -and no sign of slowing down. Also strong were Midsomer Murders, Stephen Fry in America, Australian Story, ABC News, George Gently, The Librarians, The New Inventors and Pedigree Dogs Exposed. On ABC2 Junkyard Wars was the week’s best. ABC beat TEN on three nights.

Top Gear topped 1m viewers this week, enjoying a push by viewers dissatisified with commercial choices. Aside from Costa’s Garden Odyssey (270,000) most of the runners up were between 200,000  – 250,00: Insight, High Altitude, Flight of the Conchords, My Family Feast, Inside the Wonders of the Muslim World. On Monday night’s Skins improved on its Entourage lead in.

Week 37


  1. Thursday night is the crappiest night for tv for ch 7. For any channel actually.

    I’m not surprised ch 9 won but I’ll bet ch 7 will win Sunday nights when Border starts tonight.

  2. 7 should be worried. this week they will not have DWTS to prop up their sundays. SN/border/force/bourne should do ok. but it won’t do 1.6 over almost 3 hours. and farmer will do well for 9 on monday so i think 9 will win this week as well.

  3. The real figures are (for Multi Channel Splits)

    ABC1 – 15.9%
    ABC2 – 1.4%
    Seven – 27.9%
    Nine – 26.0%
    GO! – 2.1%
    Ten – 19.8%
    ONE – 1.0%
    SBS One – 5.5%
    SBS Two – 0.3%

  4. I agree with most people here. Saying Nine won the week in total people when actually it was the Nine and Go! share added together is wrong.

    Nine is Nine. Go! is Go! They are separate networks.

    It’s like saying “Nova wins the ratings survey!” when on closer inspection 2Day FM got a 10% share, Nova a 7% share and Vega (owned by Nova) a 4% share… and Nova and Vega’s share added together.

  5. What’s a “J-Curve” and what does it mean in ratings terms? Sorry if it’s a stupid question – I’m post major-surgery, so my brain is a little foggy! But not sure what is meant by that phrase.

    • J Curve is an industry term for a show that starts high when we all tune in out of curiosity, then it drops away straight after, and slowly and surely begins to build a more loyal audience. Hot Seat is a good example of this.

  6. @FJ – somehow I don’t think that having the number one non news rated program on Friday night was not what cost them the week, no matter what the Sydney/Brisbane numbers were. Maybe check Thursdays where they come in miles behind everybody.

  7. @Tomothy

    I totally agree. Its not a true understanding of the ratings system. Its just not fair for Seven to lose the week because GO! got 2.1%. Nine technically got 26%. Seven would have won quite easily if it were not for GO! These joining of shares is just ridiculous

  8. aargh what is everyones problem. Fanboys keep having little sads with the fact GO! and Nine’s shares are joined. Why did I never hear any of this when ABC2 and ONE were introduced? because GO is the best multichannel, and everyone hates Nine? id say thats probably why.

    It is perfectly fine combining these scores, it then gives a clear indication of which Network had the most viewers. This week, the Nine Network won!! no arguments fanboys!!

    And particularly 7 fans, complain at your own station not having a second channel already if you have issues!

  9. It doesn’t matter what we think but it’s a fact GO! is a part of Nine just like ABC/ABC2 SBS/SBS2 and TEN/ONE. Like I said before maybe this will push Seven into acting before the end of the year even though there is no chance for Nine to win the year if they can build momentum then they could take out 2010.

    @Kenny – TEN has ONE SD/HD there will be no other 2nd SD for them or any other FTA channel in the foreseeable future. And of course ONE HD with not have any ‘breakaway’ programing like Seven and Nine do.

  10. I don’t think the shares in GO! and Nine should be joined, its not actually true ratings then, as they are different channels with different content. They only similarity is that they are owned by the same coporation.
    I didnt actually watch anythig on Nine this week, as normal, but did grab a few minutes of Seinfeld on a couple of nights.

  11. The terrible ratings for AFL in Sydney and Brisbane on Friday night are what cost 7 the week. These are the ares the delusional AFL are expanding into and they think it will get them $1billion.
    Absolute nutters at AFL HQ.

  12. GO Nine GO!!!. It has been close the previous two weeks. Now if Nine just fix up Tuesdays, it will seven a tougher fight. Footy is ending soon, so Thursdays and Fridays numbers will change a bit.

  13. Seven must axe Gary Unmarried and return TAR to 7.30. Hopefully if they show the next season straight away, and don’t leave a big gap between it airing in the US and here, then downloaders will watch instead, and the ratings could go up. But leaving it at 8.30 is no good.

  14. There has to be somebody at Ten begging Hamish & Andy to commit to a series doesn’t there? To thump Rove’s own numbers by nearly 600,000 people is freaking nuts. “Rove Presents… two guys that are way more popular than he is.”

  15. Excellent to see Nine doing something right. GO! must be helping heaps. If everyone is saying nine is crap, why is it that more people watched them (and GO!) this week than any other network? Nine should be happy that they have beaten seven for one week without any extrodanairy ratings by one particlular show. Some shows on nine are actually begginning to grab my interest.
    Seven, if you had a 2nd HD channel, you would have won this week. Yet another reason why you should get second SD channel. Unless you launch it soon, nine will continue to win weeks until the holidays. And about thursday, thats your version of nine’s tuesday.

  16. Does that mean 9 are “still the one”
    as for 7s second sd channel they really should of embraced this multi-channeling thingy,
    big business sometimes have no clue as is quite evident
    pathetic seven pathetic

  17. Again, as an advertiser, I question this absurdity of calling Nine & GO one and the same channel. Commercials paid to be aired on Nine are not aired on GO. Therefore, the commercial’s reach is only the Nine audience, not Nine+GO. As I read it, Seven won the week, Nine was #2. As for TEN, I guess the quicker they can get TEN2 and TEN3 up and running, so all of those channels can be added together, with ONE, to get “TEN” out of the “teens”, the better for them, so even though TEN may be getting a 17 all of their channels added together and called “TEN” may actually score something above 20. LOL. Then again there’s the “demos”.

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