Out: Leopards. In: Losing Weight

10thAfter losing Monday night to Nine, Seven has moved quickly to shore up its share, by dumping the underperforming nature doco it had planned Eye of the Leopard in favour of one about overweight people losing weight.

So get ready for 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight next Monday night at 7:30pm:

Exploring the real science behind weight loss with scientific stories that will shock, amuse and entertain. Revealing the new evidence of what works and more importantly, showing ways to keep it off. During the night, a group of volunteers, many of whom struggle with their weight, undergo tests to see if these new scientific theories really do work.

The BBC special aired in the UK in May.

Last night’s doco Relentless Enemies: Lions And Buffalo only managed 891,000, which in that slot is poor for Seven. Interestingly it’s also the same slot where Nine had David Attenborough last year.

But the show was beaten by Top Gear which cleared the 1m mark and Two and a Half Men on 1.2m.

Week 37


  1. I miss the 7 of Old on Monday Nights.Although I love Top Gear Sometimes there is nothing better than a hour of comedy that are not overdosed repeats like wht Nine offer

  2. I guarantee you that 100% of the people that watch this show will not lose weight as a result of their tips.
    In the same way almost every guy who drinks diet coke is not skinny.

  3. I didn’t watch this weeks Monday night doco and nothing about the new one wants me to watch it next week, even though I’ve seen the new Top Gear I’ll be watch it again next Monday, sorry seven.

    The specials can be very hit and miss, maybe it’s time to bring in something regular like get people ready for the new season of “how I met you mother” which begins Sept 21 in the US, that means they could re-run the season final (which was screwed up and delayed twice when it originally aired)

  4. I think the previous weeks attempt turned people off. When an 8 minute you tube clip was rehashed for 60 mins including adverts.
    It was good, but nothing captivating like some of the other Docos.

    These specials show that Ch7 need something consistent here….

  5. 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight:

    No. 1: Don’t eat Maccas
    No. 2: Don’t eat Hungrys
    No. 3: Don’t eat KFC
    No. 4: Walk

    etc… pretty simple really.

  6. Payne Fuliobvious

    Only 1 thing you need to know, contrary to all the crap. Calorific output Must exceed calorific input. If you are burning up the calories (kilojoules) you can eat. It is when there is a surplus of energy that it has to go somewhere (and that is usually on your gut or arse 🙂 )

    Know I can go back to watching Top Gear – the only program that truely makes me laugh without fail each week. (and last nights was no exception)

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