Patti Newton in memory scare

pattinPatti Newton was admitted to hospital on Sunday after a ‘transient global amnesia scare’ in which she couldn’t recall her movements.

Having attended the Sydney premiere of the Wicked musical to see husband Bert, she flew back to Melbourne.

“It was quite a turbulent flight and I was sick on the plane,” Newton said on radio yesterday.

“When I got to Melbourne, I was driven home. As I got near my place, I lost my memory.

“Lauren arrived and I was standing outside the house looking a bit bewildered. I said to her, ‘I don’t know where I have been, what I have done, or where I am’.”

Newton, who appeared in 2007’s Dancing with the Stars, was released from hospital on Monday after the “brain scramble.” Last year she had her handbag stolen from Chadstone Shopping centre, some of which was returned after the thieves were caught.

She continues as a regular radio guest on 3AW with Bruce Mansfield and Phillip Brady.



  1. Herald Sun rely on daily Newton family updates to fill columns.
    Must have hot line to Confidential.
    Bert has headache, Lauren has cold, Patti smiles, Matt Welsh gets photo in paper at letter opening event.
    We seem to have gone back to old TV week days
    “[insertcelebnamehere] has near death experience/health scare
    P.S. I woke up middle of night – dizzy, where is my headline ?

  2. Looking into Bert’s mortician prepared face would be enough to scramble the memory of most people. Everybody gets older, let’s do it with dignity people.

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