Paul Hogan back to Nine

hogesFirst Daryl Somers is back at Nine… now Paul Hogan is also revisiting the past, by filming new introductions for a “Best Of” special.

Hogan, who is currently appearing in his new film Charlie & Boots, will front The Very Best of the Paul Hogan Show at 8:30pm Tuesday September 22nd.

When you think of great Australian comedians, its got to be Paul Hogan! Tonight we relive the laughs of the hugely successful Paul Hogan Show with a collection of his favourite moments from the show that changed comic television in Australia. Hosted by the man himself!

Not quite a reunion, the clip show will air a week before the Hey Hey live reunion.

Nostalgia is big at Nine at the moment with a TV’s Best of The Best special also coming soon.


  1. I watch the old Hogan clips on youtube and they are still lol funny most of them and put todays so called comedy to shame.

    Hope to see some classics like the McEnroe send up:)

    Oh and yes please to a best of Don Lane special that would be awesome.

    Also this TVs best of the best has my interest peaked as well!

  2. @ Brian.
    The rights to HHIS and The Paul Hogan show are owned by the independent companies that produced them, not 9.
    The shows from 1980 and 1983 were masterpieces in their day, but will look very dated and sad now. We have moved well on from there.

    I believe that we all hold memories of great old shows that capture the feelings we had for them at the time. When we watch them again, many years later, those feelings are not translated and the magic is lost.

  3. Paul Hogan and Red Faces were 2 of the best shows around.
    If some people do not want to watch them , thats fine.
    They are better (even though they are old) than most of the so called comedies out now.

    ro says:
    September 10, 2009 at 2:07 pm
    cheap, lazy television

    Maybe, but it is still better than crap expensive television
    Just because it may be cheap, does not mean it s bad.
    Lots of people like those shows and That is what it is all about, showing what people want.

    Look at CH10 and its so called dancing shows.
    To me, they are rubbish, but lots of others like it.

  4. Bob Morrison wasn’t a bad thing.I wouldn’t mind them repeating most of those episodes as a 7pm weeknight offering.The Charlie Sheen Marathon is getting old

  5. I hope the Leo Wanker sketches are part of this special too — they couldn’t include any on any subsequent video or dvd releases because of John Williams’ “Superman” theme used throughout and copyright issues.

    While Channel 9 are going back into the archives, could they replay the “Royal Charity Concert” from May 1980: I don’t know how dated it would be now, but at the time it was a world class special, got bigger ratings in Australia than the moon landing 11 years before, and made a hit out of Peter Allen’s “I Still Call Australia Home” (and while they’re at it, what about the concert for the opening of the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1983, originally simulcast in stereo with a cast of thousands)

    The only drawback would be the 4:3 aspect ratio in this 16:9 tv world, but if the Nine people could get the music clearances….well, it would be better than another 2.5 Men rerun anyway.

  6. I’ve mentioned this before but i can see no reason why Ch.9 or the other networks cannot show some of their classic shows after midnight.

    The Dusk – Dawn shift is currently loaded with infomercials and religious shows – why not put on some old eps of the Don Lane Show or some of the dozens of Crawford cop shows?

    There is a market out there for these classic shows and yet all they are doing is sitting in the archives gathering dust.

    It baffles me that these nostalgia programmes like Hey Hey and Paul Hogan potentially will rate their socks off and yet full eps never get repeated.

    Foxtel hardly ever show any of these TV legends, so why not fill the after midnight shift with golden oldies…believe it or not people would watch (or record it).

  7. well, it may not be my cup of tea but with the cupboard bare at 9, at least these shows are more creative then more repeats of 2.5 men or 20 to 1…
    i dont know how this paul hogan show will go to be honest, i dont really think he very well liked in Australia anymore.

  8. Didn’t Nine air a similar special a few years ago??? What next? A re-run of the Best of the Don Lane Show?

    I swear they’ll end up reviving Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush or The Bob Morrison Show at this rate. Pathetic.

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