Poh lands ABC cooking series

poh11Updated: MasterChef‘s Poh Ling Yeow has won her own ABC cooking series, Poh’s Kitchen to be produced in her hometown of Adelaide.

Significantly, the show is a year-long programme.

The show will see Yeow travelling throughout Australia on her journey to expand her knowledge of food and to add to her every increasing collection of recipes. Across the series, she will be joined in her kitchen by some of Australia’s leading chefs, who will work alongside her to cook the produce she has sourced.

“Entering into the world of food has been something I’ve had a secret obsession with for many years,” she said. “Now to share my love of cooking as part of the ABC team is quite beyond anything I dared dream of, so it goes without saying that I am absolutely brimming with excitement!”

The series will be Executive Produced by Margot Phillipson who with the ABC Adelaide production team created and produced The Cook and the Chef, which airs its final episode next week. The deal also includes a two book deal with the first cookbook to be published in late 2010.

Jennifer Collins, ABC TV Head of Factual said: “Poh brings a natural curiosity, a warmth, an honesty and a terrific sense of humour to the screen. She will share her unique, innovative and exciting approach to food and I’m sure will continue to surprise us.”

Yeow’s appearance on MasterChef won her opportunities working with Luke Mangan and Curtis Stone.

The series will go into production in November 2009 to be screened in 2010.

A TEN publicist reportedly let the news slip about Yeow, according to PerthNow.


  1. I really enjoy watching Poh. She’s great, fantastic to watch, and has a good sense of humor. For heaven sake, Poh is just learning like everyone else, she truely deserve her own cooking show.

  2. this show should be on for kindergarten kids, if Poh giggles one more time I will hit the TV control – never again – terrible TV, even Maggie and Simon were better than this!

  3. It like one blind person leading another.
    Why does Poh deserve her own cooking show?? My mom is a pretty good cook, it doesn’t mean she deserves her own show.

  4. The looser’s the winner again. Good stuff. And with the ABC she’ll get a far wider audience compared to a commercial network. Across the Asia-Pacific on Australia Network, DVDs and endless reruns on ABCTV plus the superior ABC Marketing..

  5. @sliced and diced
    Kylie Kwong can cook ? Have you been to her restaurant in Sydney ? The food is terrible and overpriced

    At least with Poh, we wont be getting roast lamb and potatoes

  6. It seems that Poh has bigger rewards than Julie who won MasterChef. Julie has only a recipe column in The Australian Women’s Weekly every month, but Poh has her own TV show on top of her column in The Adelaide Sunday Mail.

  7. Sliced and diced

    Is that picture of Poh with her mouth wide open a fruedian slip? If so it might explain why they she keeps getting preferential treatment for no obvious or apparrent reason.

    Give me Kylie Kwon anyday…now that lady can cook!

  8. I’m with you Jack! These days, contestants would be wise to deliberately come runner up to secure the best deal for their future…Poh, Shannon Noll, Sara-Marie, Anthony Callea, Jessica Mauboy…the list goes on…

  9. She could be Australia’s answer to Nigella Lawson (if sold overseas).

    I’ll look forward to seeing a yummy dish on TV again… And the food shouldn’t be too bad either. 😉

  10. Payne Fuliobvious

    Just goes to prove the old addage – you dont have to come first to win. From the bits seen on MC, she had a great smile and really lit up and seemed to enjoy the process. I think she will do well on ABC (no idea how Simon Bryant got to be head chef at the Hilton – Maggie always cooks rings around him, but that is another story 🙂 )

  11. Yeah I love Poh too, I saw her on the airplane from Adelaide to Sydney, she was so nice, I got an autograph and photo with her. So what ever Poh does I will watch her and I too love ABC

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