Finch on the menu

rfCan’t you just feel the tap slowly dripping on the names for Celebrity MasterChef? A little bit here, a little press there.

Today another four names are out of the bag.

They are Miss Universe Australia contestant Rachael Finch, AFL player Ryan O’Keefe, singer Alex Lloyd and actor Steve Bisley.

Finch had previously told media “I’m not going to do MasterChef because I’m not prepared.”

The four names follow yesterday’s naming of Peter Rowsthorn, cricketer Simon Katich and Video Hits host Faustina ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley.

Meanwhile Queensland Premier is under attack in local media for her planned appearance. Some have criticised her inclusion while she is a serving politician. But Bligh will take annual leave for the 2 days’ filming. She’ll need to take more if she wins her heat and returns later.

So far there is no confirmation on George Negus as a participant.

There are four more names to follow for the series that airs on September 30th.

Source: Sunday Telegraph, Courier Mail


  1. When I interviewed Alex Lloyd back when his first album came out, all he wanted to talk about was food. His recipes, his mad cooking skills, on and on and on. Now we get to see if he was full of it or not 🙂

    Mind you, it’s a shame they couldn’t get the musician they originally approached to do the show. Would have made it a very interesting contest 🙂

    Hopefully Ten will drop the pretence that the celebs had to “qualify” to be on the show. They did not.

  2. And with these new revelations it has been the first time that I’ve had to google Celeb MC contestants to find out why they’re famous – Ryan O’Keefe and Steve Bisley. Interesting about Alex Lloyd being in the show, haven’t heard a lot from him in yonks. Maybe he has a new CD out or something.

  3. they are releasing the masterclasses from masterchef on dvd, just the masterclasses though, nothing else, at least at this stage. it comes out october 1st.

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