Returning: The Go Show

Nickelodeon's magazine-style show The Go Show is back in October, with five new hosts and a mashed-up format.

Luke and Wyatt 003Nickelodeon’s magazine-style show The Go Show is back in October, with five new hosts and a mashed-up format.

The show has been juiced up with new, kid-generated content, fresh music, mad skits, celebrity interviews, awesome competitions, and an access-all-areas sneak peek at preparations for the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Its last episode on Friday November 13 will culminate with the Orange Carpet from the KCAs from Hisense Arena in Melbourne.

Contributors to the comedy sketches for The Go Show are Richard Thorp, Simon Dodd, Bruce Griffiths and Peter Green. Between them, they have notched up more than 50 years of experience in the comedy industry, with credits that include Rove Live, Good News Week, Comedy Inc, and The Merrick and Rosso Show.

The new hosts include:

Luke & Wyatt (pictured) are a young musical comedy duo that has achieved success in a short span of time, having supported international touring acts including Dave Callan, Greg Fleet, Dave Williams, Tom Gleeson and Julia Morris.

Dash (Charlotte “Charlie” Thorpe) and Will (Josie De Sousa-Reay) got their band monikers from what they would have been called, if they were boys! They began performing together at 15 years old after meeting at an arts college in Melbourne and have been climbing the music ladder ever since, with their indie pop sound and cleverly mastered lyrics. Their first single released in 2008 was “Pick You Up” and they have since supported the likes of Ben Lee and UK band, The Ting Tings.

Tom Schuster. At just 16 years of age, Tom Schuster is the youngest of The Go Show bunch – but he’ll also be the biggest class clown! Having been bitten by the comedy bug at such an early age, Tom has already delivered his super-twisted brand of stand-up for the Class Clowns Competition with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and is considered one of the Top Ten Teen Comedians in Australia.

It will screen Fridays at 7.00pm from 16th October – Friday 13th November on Nickelodeon.

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  1. I saw the go show and loved it. No offence but the minute that tom was on was pretty boring, he does think he’s funny when he’s not tv funny. I wouldn’t mind a new person to replace him. But the main hosts Luke & Wyatt were hilarious!!!!

  2. haha I agree can you guys please get a new comedian host. Tom isn’t ‘tv funny’. He’s ‘school’ funny where its not clever humour its just stupid humour, thats why people laugh. None in their right mind would find him funny. Pleasssseeee get a better host.

  3. I loved the old go show and this one looks like its going to be awsome as well!!!! I can’t wait.

    I do agree with James *see below* Tom shuster is not funny at all, I saw him at that class clown thing and noone laughed. Theres so many more better comedians then him, but oh well still can’t wait. xoxo

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