Returning: The Wire

wireThe fifth and final season of The Wire is coming to GO! in October.

The drama series, which is currently airing in its first season on ABC2, continues to examine the Baltimore police department, the Stanfield organisation and city hall. In the fifth series its major focus is journalism, dramatised through a newsroom.

Variety’s Brian Lowry noted that the series’ look at the media as the most realistic portrayal of a newsroom in film and television history.

It returns at 9:30pm Wednesday October 14th on GO! and is repeated at 2am.


  1. good to see the wire coming to GO, just wished channel 9 could of shown it at 9:30pm when Go wasn’t around and not at 1am like they used to. i don’t get it you see more in underbelly then you do the wire so its not like the content is ‘bad’ if you know what i mean. For anyone who has not see the wire before, this is one of the best shows ever if not the best.

  2. WTF? what about Fringe? thats got 20 eps in season 1 and there will only be around half played. I thought this was Sci-Fi night, Wire isn’t very sci-fi. they should have put The Wire on 10:30 mondays.

  3. ozinoz, do not watch season 5 if you haven’t seen the other seasons. It will ruin it for you. The beauty of The Wire is how the stories and characters evolve over the years.

  4. For once, I’m actually hoping Nine/Go! bump The Wire at the last minute.

    Not because I don’t want to see it, but because Go! won’t be available on Foxtel until after season 5 starts airing.

    God. Dammit. Not cool.

  5. A question for those that have seen the prior 4 series. I have only just started watching on ABC2, due to the more than pathetic treatment it has always received from Nine (worse than they treated The Sopranos). Do you need to see the prior series to pick up the story thread. Can you comfortably watch this and the series screening on 2?


  6. How strange that The Wire is airing on two networks at once.

    If this is on at 9.30pm, dpes that mean Fringe gone (again!) or are they finishing Sarah Connor Chronicles after season one?

  7. since there are only 2 episodes of terminator the sarah connor chronicles left in season 1 this appears to mean that we will not go directly into season 2 and fringe will move to 8:30pm. from the clips in the ads GO! does appear to have the rights to season 2, but i guess we won’t see it till later. the wire doesn’t really fit with the sci-fi theme of the evening though.

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