Rush wins third season on TEN

TEN's continues to show faith in its latest drama series, greenlighting a third season for its Tactical Response Unit.

RUSHTEN has approved a third series for Rush.

The drama starring Rodger Corser, Callan Mulvey and Catherine McClements has had a strong second season in its new Thursday timeslot.

Producers John Edwards and Mimi Butler said: “From the get go TEN have loved the show and given it the best support possible. We’re thrilled to be going again.”

TEN drama executive Rick Maier said: “Rush has commanded attention from the start with its killer cast and strong commitment to quality. TEN is immensely proud of the show’s success both here and overseas.”

Earlier this week the network announced a new telemovie, Offspring, starring Asher Keddie, and it has two other telemovies which have completed shooting: Hawke and The Killing of Caroline Byrne.

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  1. Omg im like addicted to your show rush I’ve been watching it since 2008 and haven’t missed an episode yet my favorite characters are josh (callan mulvey) shannon (jolene anderson) lawson (roger corser) Dom ( Joseph ber) stella (Nicole da silva) micheal ( Ashley zukerman) Christian (Kevin hofbauer) Leon ( Samuel Johnson) and kerry ( cathrine mcclemnts) and a big thankyou to the people who invented rush iloveyou all

  2. Rush Season 3 – Not yet official however Ten has said it is to replace Glee Starting 8.30PM Thursday July 1, 2010 Keep watching ten for latest updates. Info from a chanel ten employee!!!!!

  3. I whole heartedly agree with the comments above. I love Rush and think it is probably Australia’s best drama show they have ever produced. Sooo looking forward to when Season 3 airs!! Thanks Channel 10 for keeping it alive 🙂

  4. Don’t worrie about the air date tell the network ten to get ridof glee me an my gf love watching Rush I’ve got two season of it an it’s the best goddamn cop show in Australian history wouldn’t u all agree.

  5. So glad to see it is coming back for a 3rd season. There are only 2 Australian shows I care to watch and Rush is one of them. Such quality it the acting and production. If only all Aust TV shows were this good.

  6. I’m in America, but used to live in Micronesia and fell in Lovewith this show (and many others) from OZ. My brother is a police officer on a Tactical Squad here in the States, and he loves the show too.
    So happy to hear it is getting a 3rd season! Hope it isn’t cut short for any reason (like stupid American networks will sometimes do). Cross my fingers for the full 22 epi’s and a great plotline.
    But nothankyew to the Kerry/Lawson love story. ;p
    They do have great chemistry- but as antagonist/protagonist. I could not see them ending up in bed together! JMHO. I think Lawson needs a girlfriend who is not a part of the work team. That way we get even more new, interesting characters from some of the other talented Aussie actors & actresses!
    Cheers from Up Over.

  7. I”m going crazy i live in canada hear it so hard to find when rush comes back for a third season does anyone know when the third season comes back what month what day? Please someone answers i know it’s in 2010

  8. omg omg!! i love rush and im soooooo happy there is a 3ed season!!!!!!
    i have got the first & seacond season and i have wacthed each ep more then 10 times!!

    I cant wait untill it comes on 2 chanel 10 agin…….dose any one when it is coming bk??

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