Sandy Roberts steps in to host Brownlow

SandySeven sports presenter Sandy Roberts will host tonight’s presentation of the Charles Brownlow Medal count.

The announcement follows the news that Bruce McAvaney and family will  prepare for the funeral of father, Roy McAvaney, on Tuesday.

Mr McAvaney, 84, died peacefully at his nursing home in Adelaide on Friday morning.

The Brownlow can be seen at the following times in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on Seven:

Brownlow Blue Carpet Arrivals
Hosted by Hamish McLachlan, joined by Fifi Box, Rebecca Maddern and Brad Sewell.

Brownlow Medal Count
Live from Crown, hosted by Sandy Roberts,

Viewers in Sydney and Brisbane can see the Medal Count live at 8:30pm on 7HD. It also airs at 11:40pm Sydney / Brisbane on Seven.


  1. I would like to get a message to sandy roberts about his add about free to air tv rights, asi think he dose not think about the country. he is just thinking about the city. please send me his email address so that i can express my views to him.
    Thank you.

  2. re the Blue Carpet – can no Australian network get a simple show about the dress right? Jeez. 30-odd minutes of air time, and I reckon we saw less than a dozen dresses in any detail. It can’t be that difficult. There’s a lot of people out here who are sufficiently interested in the fashion to make it worth their while. And a viewer vote for best dress from three choices – puh-leeze.

  3. Sandy great choice to host,his many loyal years at Seven network finally being noticed past few years and the great too see Rebecca Maddern also being used,she is great talent.

  4. Billy Ray Valentine

    its time for wa to secede from australia
    lets close up shop and be insular
    we get shafted currently, maybe if the rest of the country didnt have our wealth, they might be more considerate to us sandgropers….

  5. Why is Perth shafted again? Surely it should be live on 7HD Even the non-AFL states get it live while we have to wait for Terrible Tonight, Home & Away, and some crap filler in between the Blue carpet and the Charlie being delayed by 2 hours….sigh.

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