SBS gets trigger happy with Programming

daveWhat’s going on at SBS Programming lately? For a network that normally doesn’t respond to jittery programming like commercial networks, there have been three changes in the last week that are uncharacteristic for the network.

The moves show a more aggressive response to programming. Could it be that the network that appointed a new head for its day to day activities is following commercial programmers too?

East West 101
Last week SBS issued an amendment which indicated it would not be premiering the second series of its local drama. In the fight between Packed to the Rafters, new NCIS and (original plans for) Hey Hey it’s Saturday, it was a big ask. SBS has delayed the premiere by two weeks, now set to air on October 13th (and still against Rafters and NCIS).

The Nest
Last Saturday night it premiered the second season of its lifestyle series to a lukewarm 162,000. By Monday it had issued an amendment for an ‘Encore’ this Saturday at 5:30pm.

Dave in the Life / ADbc
Yesterday SBS advised it was swapping the timeslots of two of its newest shows, Dave in the Life (pictured) and ADbc, effective from tonight. Dave in the Life now airs at 8:30pm with ADbc to follow. The late advice on this means many print schedules will be out. With such short notice, SBS’ move is extremely rare.

Man v Wild
From Monday October 5th High Altitude and new South Park are elbowed out for adventurer Bear Grylls in Man v Wild. Two eps are scheduled, with the second on October 12th. Halting South Park just weeks after it returned is a surprising move.

On Sunday night the network launches the second season of its outstanding Who Do You Think You Are? RocKwiz also returns on October 3rd. If they udner-perform will the network get trigger happy with these too?

While it made sense not to pit East West 101 against some big guns, it was baffling that having made the move the network chose to keep it in the same brutal timeslot.

The bigger matter on programming consistency, for a network that doesn’t usually play follow the bouncing ball, is one to watch.



  1. Other than the moronic changes they made to the 8:30 – 9:30 Monday night slot, these moves are all quite sensible and consistent with their responsibility as a publicly funded broadcaster to attract as many viewers as possible.

  2. ADbc is an intersesting and informative/educational show that’s just missing a bit of atmosphere to get the guests in a more relaxed/fun mood… I hope it continues to refine it’s format

  3. ADbc loses out here… This move puts it up against FM and the rest of the Thursday night run of comedies on ABC2, as well as Rush on Ten.

    The show was struggling a bit anyway, but we were persisting, hoping it would find its legs eventually. Since we’ve been forced to choose, we’ll persist no more.

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