Seven steals Sunday

Dancing with the Stars positively slammed Australian Idol into its own mosh pit on Sunday night.

dfThe final of Dancing with the Stars was always going to do well for Seven, but it positively slammed Australian Idol into its own mosh pit last night.

Dancing took 1.57m viewers ahead of Domestic Blitz (1m), 60 Minutes (1.2m) and Rescue: Special Ops on Nine (910,000). Over on TEN Idol slumped to just 810,000 in its first top 12 sing-off and Rove just 777,000. On the ABC The Einstein Factor (585,000), Stephen Fry in America (986,000) and Midsomer Murders (1.17m) were also defeated while SBS had One Day Series on 311,000.

The loss for TEN was marked, finishing four behind the ABC. Rove and Idol won their 16-39 demos, but only Rove took 18-49. From next week it will be hard to find excuses as to having such tough competition. It will need to perform against the returning Sunday Night which no doubt has a big exclusive of some sort.

Wipeout was again GO’s top show on 205,000.

Of course Dancing remains a looooong way behind its glory day finales of about 2.4m but 1.57m is impressive for a ninth season.


Week 37

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  1. Another big factor is that Kyle has given Idol absolutely no publicity on his radio show, which is understandable. Love him or hate him, he has the most listeners in Sydney in the target demographic of Idol, and has the ability to create buzz and interest in a show by talking about it and taking listener opinions.

  2. God, is it really DWTS’s ninth season already? I know it seems like it’s been on forever but I didn’t realise they’d churned through that many. At this rate they’ll run out of Sunrise/Morning Show personnel to put on it within a year.

  3. Rove proved once again why he does not rate.

    Why would he book the has-been broken down nobody – Jeff Jarrett? Does anybody beside the pro-wrestling fans know who he is? More to the point do they even know of the wrestling promotion TNA that he works for.
    Their last pay-per-view did less than 50,000 buys in the United States, and was probably lucky to hit 1,000 buys here in Australia.

    Way to go Rove!
    I am a wrestling tragic also, but such self-indulgence is too much.

  4. The issue with Idol is definitely not the absence of Kyle. It’s the absence of any talent whatsoever, although they could have found someone better to replace Kyle. Also, it would definitely help if they put at least two performances at a time. I feel like I’m watching 2 hours of ads with the occasional mediocre song.

  5. @Sarah: While I’m also a fan of Wipeout, I do have to disagree with you. Big Bang is quite a good show, as is Aliens in America (would have loved to have seen a second season). That said, in my opinion, Old Christine is pure tripe. I’m hoping that they’ll slot in Curb in its spot, as it’s late enough to probably be okay with the regulators.

  6. It was a fantastic show … had me in tears a few times like they all were … a universe away from the crap that is Australian Idol this year … what a boring and uninteresting bunch of so called singers!

  7. Ten Years of Rove.

    That’s a long time.

    His Show along with David Letterman are the only talk shows that have any relevance to Australians.
    God Help Channel 10 If they ditch Mc Manus for Oprah

  8. papamac, American Idol is not getting bigger and better at all – whilst each year introduces us to a couple of talented people (this year: Adam and Allison), the rest of the contestants are just filler. And mark my words, the ratings will drop next year with the loss of Paula. You’ll see.

  9. Idol was utter rubbish last night. Asking the judges opinions is now a waste of time. They were all so ‘safe’ – a result of the press MC got for being a nice show probably. Mind you our drinking game only got one hit last night – ‘Skull your drink everytime Marsha says ‘light and shade’. Bring back Kyle!

  10. Ten had a shocker. Based on last night’s ratings Ten would be swinging the axe on Idol. They will probably wait and see what happens for the rest of the season because it might stage some sort of miraculous recovery without Dancing With the Stars against it. However, if it doesn’t, the end is here. That’s a huge finish for Dancing With the Stars consideruing the added competition against it this year from Domestic Blitz and Australian Idol.

  11. I think having to wait an entire week for Idol results has something to do with its diminishing ratings, along with a boring JD, a continuing to provide jack-all Marcia, and sorry to say the missing controversial comments from Kyle. This year it just seems to be Make Me a Supermodel Idol with lots of pretty contestants instead of artists with singing substance. And the sooner Sabrina is booted off, the better. She is *so* annoying and needs to just shut the **** up!!! Idol just needs to be put out of its misery.

  12. Love the exposure you are getting with this site David… now you have Dan MacPherson twittering a link to this particular article only moments ago. With over 4000 followers, it surely must help in bringing more people to the site.

  13. Idol’s problems have nothing to do with the judges. It’s the fact that the contestants are such utter crap this year. It’s embarrassing. American Idol just keeps getting bigger and stronger. Ours should be axed now to avoid the massive embarrassment that this season is proving to be.

  14. Damn, I knew Idol had lost its lustre, but this is ridiculous. Geebs, I agree with you, Kyle was a damn good judge, and while a suspension may have been warranted, I do think it was a mistake to sack him. It’s not that JayDee is forgettable, it’s that he seems to suck the charisma out of the room. If they really wanted Kyle gone, then the producers/Ten should have thrown every single cent they had at getting Delta Goodrem or Brian McFadden to stay for the long haul.

    Nice to see Go going from strength to strength, and it hasn’t even officially launched yet!

  15. DWTS final was very good, lots of entertainment. i’m glad it’s did well for 7. but was very disapointed byt he result. now that they only have one season per year they should look at extending the season to 11-12 weeks imo. they have won every sunday since DWTS started excpet for the MC final night.

  16. Never thought I would say this, but Idol is really missing Kyle as a judge. At least he offered a different perspective to the other judges. JayDee is like a less interesting version of Dicko, and Marcia has never really had anything of substance to say.

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